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Muscle Building Exercises After Childbirth

The nine months of pregnancy can cause many changes to occur in a woman’s body. If the woman exercises throughout her pregnancy, there is a good chance that she will have very little weight to lose after the baby is born. The muscle building exercises after childbirth will have to be done in moderation, but doing them is vital in ensuring that the body will return to its normal state.

The muscles across the abdomen will be strained by the weight of the baby throughout the pregnancy. Some of the abdominal muscles will stretch well beyond what the muscles are capable of maintaining, and stretch marks will be left behind. These stretch marks will leave a permanent reminder of the pregnancy across the abdomen. To keep these scars from occurring, women might choose to exercise by walking and do muscle building exercises after childbirth.

During pregnancy a woman wants to maintain a diet that has very little trans fat content. This will help to cut down on the number of stretch marks on the abdomen. The muscle building exercises after childbirth could include long walks, which will strengthen not only the abdomen but the buttocks as well. If the child was delivered by a Caesarean section, the walks will have to occur at a much slower pace.

Some obstetricians recommend that the muscle building exercises after childbirth be started while the Mother is still in the hospital. They could recommend that the patient get out of bed under their own power and begin to restore flexibility to their limbs before they take on the task of taking short walks up and down the aisle of the maternity ward.

Many obstetricians believe that doing muscle building exercises after childbirth will promote the flow of milk in the breasts and they will recommend that a nursing brassiere be worn to support the added weight of the breasts when the Mother begins to do exercises to strengthen her abdominal wall.

Any kind of ambulatory movements will promote circulation throughout the body and it will serve to reduce the amount of fluids that accumulate in the tissues of the body. This is especially true for helping to reduce the swelling that occurred in the ankles during pregnancy and will help to reduce swelling in the fingers and toes too.

Performing leg lifts is one of the muscle building exercises after childbirth that will give the greatest results when they are done soon after delivery. Delivering a child is a labor of love and it is also a task that puts a strain on every part of a woman’s body. The leg lifts will also help to stimulate the uterus and help it to contract back to its normal size. Exercising after childbirth will also stimulate hormones and help reduce the effects of post partum depression.

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