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No More Counting Cows: Learning On The Go

When I was a kid it was the same story ever summer. I would get all excited about going to my grandmother’s, pack my little suitcase and spend 3 days in the back of a car bored out of my skull. When I mentioned to my mother I was bored (usually about an hour after leaving) I heard the same response every time. “Count the cows on the side of the road and when you get to 1,000 let me know.” Fortunately today in a culture that flies and drives much more there are better alternatives to engage your mind than spending your time adding up farm animals.

Study For Tests

For any student preparing for a standardized exam, whether it’s the high school SAT, the grad. School entrance GRE or a test for law school, medical school or nursing boards there is an electronic test preparation tool ready to travel with you. The Princeton Review Pocket Prep Handheld includes drills, flashcards, and sample problems similar to the test so you can quiz yourself with your spare time in the car or at the airport. Palm also makes test prep software to go on its Palm Pilot line of products. By consistently running over your test material, the things you need to know will be reinforced in your thinking causing you to do better once the test arrives.

Learn Or Review Languages

Franklin has always been a technology language master since it put out the first electronic speller years ago. Today Franklin has channeled their technology into translators that can be taken with you to countries where other languages are spoken. Their 12 Language Global Translator is just the thing for helping you over the rough spots. Using the small key pad you can type in the necessary phrase and it will show you the way to say it in one of 12 languages. It also says the phrase out loud so you can hear the proper accent and syllables. Waiting in line at the security station or in front of your gate is a good time to brush up on a language you already know by checking phrases or playing one of the word games that also comes with the translator.

Listen To A Good Book

Taking a long distance road trip or connecting series of flights is a great time to catch up on reading. Almost every major airport has a bookstore in it. But for people who don’t like to read or don’t read well, iPod has the answer. Books can be downloaded on many sites and stored in your iPod to be listened to while you’re on the road. Not only can you catch up on some interesting stories or e-books while reclining in your chair, but you can also block out crying babies or annoying tourists at the same time. This device helps you gain knowledge and reduce stress simultaneously.

There will always be interesting sights and down times in travel, but with these gadgets at the ready you cannot only get where you’re going but have the passport to a smarter future in your hands. Start using your time more wisely. Your brain will thank you, and the cows will understand.

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