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Outdoor Event Planning: Taming the Elements

Holding events like weddings, graduation ceremonies, and parties outdoors provides an overall experience that is unmatched by just about any indoor environment. Though most party planners would prefer an outdoor event, many are unsure of how to tackle the discomforts of the natural environment. This article will arm party planners with tips and tricks to tame the elements for a fantastic outdoor event.

Tackling the heat:
Because of the generally dry weather and bright sunlight, summer is an ideal time of year to hold an outdoor event though the heat often presents a problem. To enjoy a comfortable outdoor summer event despite the heat, portable air conditioners are an ideal solution.

Portable air conditioners have more crisp cooling power than fans. Additionally, portable air conditioners are far less intrusive and noisy than fans. These air conditioners can be rented for short term or long term periods to cover the length of your event and can often be delivered and set up by the portable air conditioners vendor.

Preparing for rain
Try as you might to plan around the rain, it is always a possibility at an outdoor event. Make sure that you’ve always got a plan B to handle the rain that involves more than just crossing your fingers. Portable, easy-to-setup pavilions are a great solution to keep guests out of the rain and provide shade even on bright sunny days. You might be surprised at the large number of outdoor canopies that offer not just a roof, but tasteful screened in siding as well.

Portable air conditioning units can be brought into these enclosed outdoor environments to keep fresh air circulating and temperatures cool. Many outdoor tents come with specially made intake vents so that portable air conditioners can pump cool air in while leaving the noise and machinery outside of the party environment. Choosing an outdoor pavilion with sides that can quickly and easily be rolled down makes you look like a party planning pro should dark clouds attempt to rain on your parade.

Creatures great and small
One of the main attractions of any event is the food, which unfortunately can attract hungry insects in addition to guests. However, with a proper planning, getting a handle on insects is a piece of cake. Placing plate full of sugar water around the perimeter of your party area keeps insects happy and occupied so that they won’t need to compete with your guests for a meal.

Covering platters with decorative mesh lids helps to keep insects that do stray from feasting on the main courses. Insects are another good reason to use walled pavilions with vents for portable air conditioners. They’ll still try their hardest to get in any way possible, so make sure to cover the intake vents of the air conditioning units to keep insects from getting trapped and obstructing the air flow.

With portable air conditioners, pavilions, and a way to outsmart insects, executing a successful outdoor wedding, outdoor party, or other outdoor event is a breeze. With advancements in the technology of portable air conditioners, fabrics, and lightweight metals, setting up an entire outdoor structure is simple, comfortable, attractive, and allows your guests to enjoy all of the benefits of the great outdoors.

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