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Over Scheduling Can Cause Severe Stress

Today’s lifestyle is a hectic one. Rushing from place to place and activity to activity is considered normal. But what effect does it have on the mind and body? Spending your day – every day – in a hectic rush can play havoc on you mentally and physically. Stress from overwork and over scheduling has become an epidemic in American society.

When Life Gets To Hectic.
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time. But, when everyday hassles begin to wear you down – affecting the way you look at yourself and others – it’s time to slow down.

Never taking time out to relax strips your body of the time it needs to rejuvenate and stay healthy. Being constantly on the go isn’t just overwhelming – it’s unhealthy! Everyone reacts to life’s daily stressors differently. What one person can shrug off, another dwells on obsessively. But one thing is clear: too much stress (even stress from doing too many fun things), can play havoc with the nervous and immune systems, and cause a myriad of physical ailments.

Slow Down For More Stress Free Days.
One of the best ways to alleviate the stress in your life is to take time to slow down. Evaluate your schedule and see what’s really keeping you so busy. Are you using activities to deal with feelings of inadequacies? It’s not uncommon to pick up the pace of our lives when we think we’re falling short in one or more areas.

But, little by little all that activity – and stress – will take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. The first sign that overload is stressing you out is chronic tiredness. Short tempers and an overall “I don’t care feeling,” may also be experienced as stress begins to hit a danger point.

Admit that your time and energy is limited, than start cutting activities from your schedule to make room for more relaxation and times of peacefulness. Changing a hectic lifestyle is never easy, but the reward of more stress free days than stress-filled ones is worth the initial struggle.

Allow Yourself Quiet Time Every Day.
Most experts agree, taking just 10 or 15 minutes of quiet alone time ever day can drastically reduce stress levels in most people. Begin each morning with a few “me” moments. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in the way you approach the rest of the day.

Stress may seem like it has to be a part of our lives these days – but it doesn’t have to be. Overwork and over scheduling every aspect of our lives hasn’t helped us accomplish more in a day, it’s only managed to make our days more stressful, leading to unhealthy bodies and overwhelmed minds. Take the initiative to slow down and send your stress levels back down.

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