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Paintball Fields Reflect Style Of Play

The fast-paced, action-packed sport of paintball has a loyal and growing following. From weekend warriors to actual soldiers in training, the game is enjoyed by all types of players. The style of play for any particular game will likely be influenced by the paintball fields available in any given area.

There are many possibilities for how individual paintball fields might be set up. The actual design will impact the game scenarios run on the field and the pace of the games themselves. Some of the most common set ups for paintball fields include:

* Woods ball. On this type of field, paintball is played in an actual woodsy setting. Whether it’s a capture the flag scenario or some other objective stated, the idea is to use the trees and ground cover to one’s advantage as “enemies” are marked out one at a time. This type of paintball field is found in many locations and can even be set up by players in their own backyards. No special equipment is really needed to create this type of field beyond the trees themselves.

* Speed ball. As its name implies, the field for this type of game is designed for fast-paced action. Speed ball fields typically use inflatable bunkers and allow players the room and freedom to really kick up their guns a notch and see what they can do. This type of field and the style of play is likely not the best option for beginners. It can be a whole lot of fun, however, for those who know their way around the game and are looking for more of a challenge.

* Scenario. Scenario games can be played on a number of different types of paintball fields. Law enforcement or military trainees, for example, might find themselves on specially designed fields that mimic city settings, war zones and so on. Regular players might find themselves battling it out on a field with two “forts” where one team must overtake the other or capture a flag to win.

The potential styles for paintball fields know no boundaries other that what safety deems and imagination. Just about any terrain imaginable will work. As long as there is reasonable distance between “civilians” and their possessions, almost anything goes. Throw in a little cover and a location can be perfect.

Trying to set up paintball fields in a backyard, it’s a good idea to check out any local regulations that might restrict this activity. Some regions might have ordinances that prevent this, even for personal use. If plenty of open land is available, however, chances are setting up a makeshift field for a game will be more than acceptable.

Players looking to find commercial paintball fields in their areas will find this is more than possible in most regions. Locations that sell paintball guns and supplies often know the best spots regionally. Plus, the Internet provides great resources for finding excellent paintball playing fields.

Beginners to the game might want to start out with woods ball paintball fields or other similar setups. As skill and feel for the game increases, more challenging locations will be in order. brings you the latest on paintball. Paintball is gaining in popularity, and we want to bring you the most up to date information online! Be sure to check out our latest information page on paintball fields.