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Paintball Tactics Of Professional Paintball Players

If you are going to really get into the sport of playing paintball you are going to want to learn some tactics that will help you to survive longer on the field as well as have a better chance of winning more games. Here are some tactics used by professional paintball players that you can adapt to be better on your local paintball field.

When shooting the best method to use is to pepper the opposing player while moving aggressively towards their position. By doing this you will keep them from being able to fire and will keep them hiding behind a protective barrier while you move in closer for a guaranteed kill.

Learning how to use the defensive tactic of cover effectively is probably the most important aspect of paintball. Everything that exists on a paintball field can be used as cover in some way. You want to stand or crouch during moments of covering so that you remain mobile in case someone is trying to sneak up on you. Just remember that on most fields standing straight up also increases your chances of being shot, especially if you are tall! Crouching has a little less mobility but it gives you better cover and still gives you some level of stability.

Coming up from behind or flanking is a very important tactic to learn as it can be used in just about every situation you get into. You can even use this tactic to counter another team’s flanking maneuver as they break away from their attack to protect themselves.

The skill of suppression isn’t meant for taking out an opponent or team but more for the purpose of a distraction. This technique is often used in conjunction with a flanking maneuver or outright advance. You have to have really good marksmanship as well as good cover skills for suppression to work effectively. The whole function of suppressing is to keep the opponent preoccupied so they don’t notice your assault.

When invading an opponent’s position your goal is to eliminate as many targets as possible without getting hit to capture their flag and escape back to your side unscathed. Working together is the best way to accomplish this just as it is in a real combat situation.

When you are under cover and about to fire just remember that once you begin firing you have revealed your location to the enemy. Now, you have to take the fight to them and avoid being pinned down. If you learn these tactics it will also help you to defend against them.

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