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Parkas, the All Purpose Outdoor Wear

Parkas are used by men and women in cold weather as these coats are very warm. They are either waist length or up to the hip with attached hood. Parkas can be made of synthetic materials and are usually waterproof. Some coats can have insulation padding. In very cold weather especially in winter, when temperatures are at a sub zero level, there is a demand for heavy clothing to keep the body warm. Parkas have been created to keep the cold at bay. These are long coats and come in sundry colors of olive, black, dark brown or dark grey. Parka-coats are called anoraks in England.

Parkas are designed for both men and women. The hood is essential to cover the head when it is snowing or raining. There are a lot of reputable brands making parkas. Helly Hansen parka-coats have light padding with straight and comfortable fit. It is made up of a wind and water resistant nylon and cotton combination material, has two way zip, comfortable pockets and a drawstring at the hem. This design is that of “Seattle Parka”. Helly Hansen offers another design. This design has a separate hood, large breast pockets with flaps, two huge flap pockets with Velcro closure, practical inside pocket and drawstring. The lining is totally of polyester. Both the designs are high on the durability quotient and are popular. There are other well known brands too.

Parkas have their origin in Alaska and Canada. The tribal natives were the first to introduce a parka-coat to the world. The earliest parkas had fur and natural down as insulating materials. They did not have the zip open or zip closed system, in fact the earliest parka-coat did not have any zipper at all. The coat was simply pulled over the head. There was a summer adaptation of the parka style. It came with a connected skirt.

Commercial use of the parka-coat first began in 1930s. Since then parka-coats have become more and more popular as the years went by. Generally the coat is used by the residents living in extreme cold conditions. It is also used by sportsmen or sportswomen. The hood of the coat is necessary for beating the cold. The hood functions as a windbreak that dulls the sensation of cold, and the fur provides insulation. The huge pockets of the parka-coat are used as storage compartment where goggles, dry food, maps and other papers and tools can be stored. It is essential for all those who work outdoors to have one parka in their wardrobe, not only to keep their body warm but their mind as well.

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