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Pay Attention to the Business before Running

In a few weeks later you run, your muscles become strong, and this requires a serious of more comprehensive training methods. There are two reasons for doing so. At the beginning, there is a big role that running plays in exercising the flexibility of the human body, and it was also mentioned in the third chapter. As a result, comparing to other sorts of athletes for this kind of exercise, runners demand to do more. In the second place; certain muscles would like to be strong through running. But muscles of it’s against part and the opposite side will be abated.

For the sake of preventing the imbalance of muscles that are possible to be caused by some damages, it is necessary to make the antagonist become strong. A set of the best comprehensive gymnastics to stretch your limbs is Dr. George Sheehan’s promotion of six gymnastics. What he promoted in the first place is to stand three feet away from the wall or the tree, so as to extend your calf and the tendon of your heels. Your two feet need to stand in a straight way, let your body to bend ahead, and then quit the action as soon as your legs are terrible.

Adhere to ten seconds and then relax in the next step, repeat it for five or six times. As a patient who have the disease of knee cartilage softening, by doing this kind of gymnastic, pains can not be avoided. In the next chapter, we are going to talk about this kind of disease. It is likely for you to do a beneficial change under this kind of circumstance. Under the sick knee, put some pillows and then lie low on the floor, allow this foot to bear some weight, unbend your legs at last. In this way, we can greatly reduce the pressure on the knee.

In the next place, for the purpose of extending your tendon of hamstring, what is known for the muscles on the back of the thigh, before placing a foot on a high table that is equal high to the waist, you have to stand straightly. If you can not reach this height and then you can put it on a little lower place. Crook your head to the knee to a degree when you have to stop at a point if your leg muscles become tight, and insist on ten seconds after that.

If you like, hold the legs or feet with your hands to stabilize your own body, and then relax. Each leg would like to experience about five or six times to repeat drills. Ted Corbett, the physical therapy expert, held the opinion that as to a more effective approach, the one below will be a better choice. What you have to do first is to bend your knees and body, make a contact between the ground and your hands, following to prop up the ground with ten fingers. Push up the body until you feel your hamstring tendon is pulled very tight and stop, hold for a few seconds. Try to make your hands away from the ground with a slow speed, a spine vertebra to make the body be straight, until you can stand straightly so far. Make a repetition again and again for five or six times by using this approach.

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