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Possible Side Effects of Botox Injections

You may be torn between having a botox injection or not. You are certain that you want to get rid of these ugly frown lines that makes you look older than you really are. However, you are scared because of the possible side effects that it would cause.

In the first place, what is BoTox? A cosmetic treatment involves injection of bacteria called Botulinum Toxin to remove unwanted frown lines or wrinkles. Administration is usually done through a number of injections of small amounts of botox. They say that the procedure only takes 10 minutes, does not require anesthesia and causes only a minimal amount of discomfort.

They would be lying if they tell you that having a BoTox treatment would not cause any side effect. This procedure may sound simple since it is non-surgical in nature. However, what is injected into your skin is a kind of bacteria, which is foremost, a foreign body that the body would expectedly reject at first. This is aside from the fact that this bacterium is commonly found in spoiled food.

So you ask yourself this question: Why in the world do they have to use bacteria found in spoiled food? The answer is simple: you want the effect that this bacterium does, which is paralysis. Scientifically speaking, this is how it works. The botox attach to the nerve endings causing acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that triggers muscle contractions are to become impeded. When this happens, muscles stop to contract. In fact, people may die of botulinum toxin if it attacks the respiratory system or the muscles in the chest. So going back to the botox treatment context, if this injected area of the face cannot move, it definitely cannot wrinkle. However, note that these effects are also temporary – lasting only about six to eight months.

So now you think it does not sound so bad, after all. Then, what side effects are we talking about? The more normal ones include redness at the injection site, local numbness, swelling, bruising, muscle weakness and facial pain. There can also be temporary headache, nausea and other flu-like symptoms. Some have even reported cases of upper respiratory tract infection. Other complications would include squinting, double vision, ptosis (drooping of the eyes) or even dysphasia (impairment of speech and language comprehension) in extreme cases.

These complications do not happen very often, but are still possible. It is also important to note that botox treatments are strictly not encouraged for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who are allergic to botox or have infections in the forehead, and those who are under specific medications. You will need to consult your doctor if you have any related concerns.

They say that wrinkles on your face are supposed to be called character lines – that each you find on your tells a different story. They say that these lines mark wisdom, experience and achievement. But if you believe more in youth and appearance than wisdom and experience – then Botox is your choice.

All cosmetic procedures involves some amount of risk. Any procedure that goes contrary to what is natural is risky. However, if you think it is all worth it, go ahead.

Isabel Baldry is a freelance writer who writes passionately about a number of subjects. Learn more about Botox injection side effects here.