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Powerful Mantra Meditation to Open the Seven Chakras

Of all the meditation techniques and yoga poses available to open the chakras, the following three stand out. Mantra meditation, chakra visualization meditation and kundalini yoga kriyas. These three techniques are the most widely used methods for activating the chakras and their widespread use is a testament to their effectiveness. In this article we will discuss the mantra technique in detail. We will go into, not only the good points of this meditation technique, but also discuss it’s drawbacks.

For those who are unfamiliar, I am going to briefly give an overview of the seven chakra system and then dive into the mantra technique for opening and balancing them. The seven chakra system model belongs to the school of Kundalini Tantra. It is a model which can effectively represent man in all his dimensions and complexities.

Essentially, a chakra is an energy vortex that resides in a particular location along the spine in the energetic body of man. The first chakra resides at the very base and the last at the crown of the head, with the others in between. Each chakra is responsible for the health of the organs and glands in it’s region and also responsible for certain personality traits and characteristics. Opening and balancing the chakra points, means to heal and rejuvenate the organs in the region of that chakra, and to balance the associated personality traits. So how do we go about using the chakra mantra meditation technique for balancing the chakra points? Let’s find out.

Associated with each chakra point is a seed sound, or bij mantra and chanting this mantra stimulates and activates the chakra. The bij mantras can be chanted either out loud or be done mentally, if you have a strong mind. A mala or beaded string can be used to count the number of repetitions of the chant, and this method of opening the chakras is very powerful. Herein also lies the problem.

Mantra meditation is too powerful a technique. The sound, when properly chanted directly begins to open the chakra point, and if the practitioner is not physically ready for dealing with the greater flow of energy that results from opening the chakra, it can lead to complications and imbalances. So it is very important to not overdo chakra mantra meditation. It should be used judiciously and only in conjunction with other techniques that are designed to prepare the system for greater flow of energy.

If you do feel ready to try this technique and incorporate it wisely into your meditation practice, here are the sounds associated with each chakra point that you need to chant.

Mooladhara: Root Center: LANG (LAM)

Swadhistana: Sex Center: VANG (VAM)

Manipura: Navel Center: RANG (RAM)

Anahata: Heart Center: YANG (YAM)

Vishuddhi: Throat Center: HANG (HAM)

Ajna: Third Eye Center: ONG (OM)

Sahasrara: Crown Center: Silence

So there you have one of the most powerful meditation techniques to open and balance the chakra points. Use this wisdom wisely and I am sure it will go a long way in helping you with your journey back to the source.

Anmol Mehta is a Yoga Teacher & Zen Expert. His extensive blog, Free Kundalini Yoga Videos & Poses, offers the popular Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book. Also learn about concentration meditation by reading, Best Concentration Meditation Technique.