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Procedures Of At Home Bleaching or Tray Teeth Whitening

Customized whitening trays are generally trimmed to fit properly each of the teeth so that the teeth are fully covered without damaging the gum tissue. The bleaching trays are the kit for teeth whitening at home under dentist’s thorough supervision. The whitening trays themselves are usually clear. These contain soft flexible plastic. There are two separate set of bleaching trays. One is for upper teeth and one is for lower teeth.

Usually the whitening agents are the gel which available in a plastic bottle or a small syringe. The bleaching trays are filled with whitening gel. During the initial appointment with dentist when the trays are fitted to your teeth the dentist will apply an initial quantity of whitening agent (10% carbamide peroxide).

The quantity of whitening gel which is being used during treatment can be minimized by placing the whitener in proper place of the tray which touches the front side of the teeth, and to those portions of the tray which cover over the teeth where you want to lighten more. The dentist will guide you properly on how to place the small dabs of the whitening agent in the bleaching trays.

When you place the whitener gel into the tray and position it over your teeth usually there is some excess whitener which will escape from the whitening tray and will touch the gums. This may cause gum irritation. To minimize the irritation you have wipe out the excess gel from the gum through your finger or by toothpaste.

You might need to ask your doctor about how long will you wear the whitening tray each day. Your dentist will fix this time for you according to the nature of your teeth. However, if you wear it for more than the recommended time frame, the whitening process will be faster.

Most dentists suggest wearing this tray at night during sleeping. The advantage of this is that it will get longer time to maximize the whitening effect and minimize the amount of whitening gel used. This idea is especially beneficial for tougher and stubborn stains.

If the person is not using the whitening tray at night, then he/she has to wear it during the working hours. In most cases people find this conflicting with their regular work during the daytime. While the tray is thin but still it affects the person’s speech and both the tray and the gel are usually transparent and are visible to others when they are worn. So many people are averse to wearing this during their working hours.

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