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Psychic – Concentration Reviewed

In bringing this book to a close, I again want to impress you

with the inestimable value of Psychic – Concentration, because those that

lack this great power or, rather that fail to develop it, will

generally suffer from poverty and unhappiness and their life’s

work will most often be a failure, while those that develop and

use it will make the most of life’s opportunities,

I have tried to make these lessons practical and I am sure that

many will find them so. Of course the mere reading of them will

not do you a great deal of good, but, if the exercises are

practiced and worked out and applied to your own individual case,

you should be able to acquire the habit of Psychic – Concentration in such

measure as to greatly improve your work and increase your


But remember the best instruction can only help you to the extent

to which you put it into practice. I have found it an excellent

idea to read a book through first, and then re-read it, and when

you come to an idea that appeals to you, stop and think about it,

then if applicable to you, repeat it over and over, that you will

be impressed by it. In this way you can form the habit of picking

out all the good things you read and these will have a wonderful

influence on your character.

In this closing chapter, I want to impress you to concentrate on

what you do, instead of performing most of your work

unconsciously or automatically, until you have formed habits that

give you the mastery of your work and your life powers and


Very often the hardest part of work is thinking about it. When

you get right into it, it does not seem so disagreeable. This is

the experience of many when they first commence to learn how to

concentrate. So never think it a difficult task, but undertake it

with the “I Will Spirit” and you will find that its acquirement

will be as easy as its application will be useful.

Read the life of any great man, and you will generally find that

the dominant quality that made him successful was the ability to

concentrate. Study those that have been failures and you will

often find that lack of Psychic – Concentration was the cause.

“One thing at a time, and that done will

Is a good rule as I can tell.”

All men are not born with equal powers, but it is the way they

are used that counts. “Opportunity knocks at every man’s door.”

Those that are successful hear the knock and grasp the chance.

The failures believe that luck and circumstances are against

them. They always blame someone else instead of themselves for

their lack of success. We get what is coming to us, nothing more

or less. Anything within the universe is within your grasp. Just

use your latent powers and it is yours. You are aided by both

visible and invisible forces when you concentrate on either “to

do” or “to be.”

Everyone is capable of some Psychic – Concentration, for without it you

would be unable to say or do anything. People differ in the power

to concentrate because some are unable to Will to hold the

thought in mind for the required time. The amount of

determination used determines who has the strongest will. No

one’s is stronger than yours. Think of this whenever you go

against a strong opponent.

Never say “I can’t concentrate today.” You can do it just the

minute you say “I will.” You can keep your thoughts from

straying, just the same as you can control your arms. When once

you realize this fact, you can train the will to concentrate on

anything you wish. If it wanders, it is your fault. You are not

utilizing your will. But, don’t blame it on your will and say it

is weak. The will is just the same whether you act as if it were

weak or as if it were strong. When you act as if your will is

strong you say, “I can.” When you act as if it were weak you say,

“I can’t.” It requires the same amount of effort, in each case.

Some men get in the habit of thinking “I can’t” and they fail.

Others think “I can” and succeed. So remember, it is for you to

decide whether you will join the army of “I can’t” or “I can.”

The big mistake with so many is that they don’t realize that when

they say “I can’t,” they really say, “I won’t try.” You can not

tell what you can do until you try. “Can’t” means you will not

try. Never say you cannot concentrate, for, when you do, you are

really saying that you refuse to try.

Whenever you feel like saying, “I can’t,” say instead, “I possess

all will and I can use as much as I wish.” You only use as much

as you have trained yourself to use.

An Experiment to Try. Before going to bed tonight, repeat, “I am

going to choose my own thoughts, and to hold them as long as I

choose. I am going to shut out all thoughts that weaken or

interfere; that make me timid. My Will is as strong as anyone’s

else. While going to work the next morning, repeat this over.

Keep this up for a month and you will find you will have a better

opinion of yourself. These are the factors that make you a

success. Hold fast to them always.

Psychic – Concentration is nothing but willing to do a certain thing. All

foreign thoughts can be kept out by willing that they stay out.

You cannot realize your possibilities until you commence to

direct your mind. You then do consciously what you have before

done unconsciously. In this way you note mistakes, overcome bad

habits and perfect your conduct.

You have at times been in a position that required courage and

you were surprised at the amount you showed. Now, when once you

arouse yourself, you have this courage all the time and it is not

necessary to have a special occasion reveal it to you. My object

in so strongly impressing this on your mind is to make you aware

that the same courage, the same determination that you show at

certain exceptionable times you have at your command at all

times. It is a part of your vast resources. Use it often and

well, in working out the highest destiny of which you are


Final Psychic – Concentration Instruction. You now realize that, in order

to make your life worthy, useful and happy, you must concentrate.

A number of exercises and all the needed instruction has been

given. It now remains for you to form the highest ideal that you

can in the present and live up to that ideal, and try to raise

it. Don’t waste your time in foolish reading. Select something

that is inspiring, that you may become enrapport with those that

think thoughts that are worth while. Their enthusiasm will

inspire and enlighten you. Read slowly and concentrate on what

you are reading. Let your spirit and the spirit of the author

commune, and you will then sense what is between the lines–those

great things which words cannot express.

Pay constant attention to one and one thing only for a given time

and you will soon be able to concentrate. Hang on to that thought

ceaselessly until you have attained your object. When you work,

let your mind dwell steadily on your task. Think before you speak

and direct your conversation to the subject under discussion. Do

not ramble. Talk slowly, steadily and connectedly. Never form the

hurry habit, but be deliberate in all you do. Assume static

attitudes without moving a finger or an eyelid, or any part of

your body. Read books that treat of but one continuous subject.

Read long articles and recall the thread of the argument.

Associate yourself with people who are steady, patient and

tireless in their thought, action and work. See how long you can

sit still and think on one subject without interruption.

Concentrating on the Higher Self. Father Time keeps going on and

on. Every day he rolls around means one less day for you on this

planet. Most of us only try to master the external conditions of

this world. We think our success and happiness depends on us

doing so. These are of course important and I don’t want you to

think they are not, but I want you to realize that when death

comes, only those inherent and acquired qualities and conditions

within the mentality–your character, conduct and soul

growth–will go with you. If these are what they should be, you

need not be afraid of not being successful and happy, for with

these qualities you can mold external materials and conditions.

Study yourself. Find Your Strong Points And Make Them Stronger As

Well As Yo Weak Ones And Strengthen Them. Study yourself

carefully and you will see yourself as you really are.

The secret of accomplishment is Psychic – Concentration, or the art of

turning all your power upon just one point at a time.

If you have studied yourself carefully you should have a good

line on yourself, and should be able to make the proper interior

re-adjustments. Remember first, last, and always, Right thinking

and right Living necessarily results in happiness, and it is

therefore within your power to obtain happiness. Anyone that is

not happy does not claim their birthright.

Keep in mind that some day you are going to leave this world and

think of what you will take with you. This will assist you to

concentrate on the higher forces. Now start from this minute, to

act according to the advice of the higher self in everything you

do. If you do, its ever harmonious forces will necessarily insure

to you a successful fulfilment of all your life purposes.

Whenever you feel tempted to disobey your higher promptings, hold

the thought



You possess latent talents, that when developed and utilized are

of assistance to you and others. But if you do not properly use

them, you shirk your duty, and you will be the loser and suffer

from the consequences. Others will also be worse off if you do

not fulfil your obligations.

When you have aroused into activity your thought powers you will

realize the wonderful value of these principles in helping you to

carry out your plans. The right in the end must prevail. You can

assist in the working out of the great plan of the universe and

thereby gain the reward, or you can work against the great plan

and suffer the consequences. The all consuming fires are

gradually purifying all discordant elements. If you choose to

work contrary to the law you will burn in its crucible, so I want

you to learn to concentrate intelligently on becoming in harmony

with your higher self. Hold the thought:

“I-will-live-for-my-best. I-seek-wisdom, self-knowledge,

happiness-and-power-to-help-others. I-act-from-the-higher-self,

therefore-only-the-best-can-come-to-me. The more we become

conscious of the presence of the higher self the more we should

try to become a true representative of the human soul in all its

wholeness and holiness, instead of wasting our time dwelling on

some trifling external quality or defect. We should try to secure

a true conception of what we really are so as not to over value

the external furnishings. You will then not surrender your

dignity or self respect, when others ignorantly make a display of

material things to show off. Only the person that realizes that

he is a permanent Being knows what the true self is. Brings You Psychic Training for Real People.
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