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Reaching Dieting Success With a Diet Partner

Losing weight is never easy, but research indicates you can increase your chances of success by forming a partnership with someone close to you. A recent study indicates that groups of friends who partner up to lose weight are not only more likely to complete their diet but are also more likely to lose more weight than persons who try to go it on their one. Further research indicated that dieters with support partners were more likely to keep their weight off for longer periods of time. It is believed that the presence of a diet partner allows individuals who are dieting to stay on track with their plans through the provision of both moral support and discipline.

When trying to decide on a person to select as a diet partner, consider asking someone either from school or work. Although a family member could make an excellent diet partner as well, the truth of the matter is that we often spend more time in the presence of fellow students and co-workers than family members; making them an ideal candidate. Choosing someone from work or school makes even more sense when you consider the fact that the times in which we are most often tempted to cheat on our diets fall squarely in between the hours in which we are either school at work; with temptations often directly caused by school/work related stress.

Of course, not just anyone from school or work will make the ideal diet partner. Be sure to give some thought toward selecting someone who shares similar personality characteristics and interests. Schedule and location is also critically important. If you will frequently have schedule conflicts, it may be difficult to motivate and guide one another toward diet success. Along the same lines, find someone who will there at least a good majority of the time. A co-worker who is frequently called out of the office for meetings probably won’t be able to provide much moral support and guidance for you.

Make sure you address your own motivations when selecting a diet partner. It can be tempting to choose someone who you think will let you get by with little indulgences, but ask yourself if this is really in your best interests. At the same time, be sure not to choose someone who will be so overly harsh that you feel like quitting altogether. Once you have settled on someone to navigate the path of dieting with you, look for ways in which you can support one another. Consider taking turns bringing health snacks to work or school or arrange a time during the day when you can take a walk or hit the gym. Together you’ll be sure to achieve success.,,
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