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Real Estate Investor Marketing Tips: How to Use Postcards to Laser Focus Your Marketing

Targeting Your Area

The other great thing about postcards is they’re targeted. We can target postcards to a particular neighborhood.

Let’s say you want to do a particular zip code. You can break it down further. You can do part of a zip code. The post office has maps you can get that will break down a zip code into different areas and you can micro focus your marketing in those different areas.

If you have a town where one half of it is fairly wealthy and the other half is maybe middle income, and you want to focus on the middle incomes area, then you can target your postcards to those areas. It’s a tremendous way to not have waste.

If you bought an advertisement in a newspaper, that newspaper goes to the entire town – in theory, I’m not saying precisely. In theory, maybe half of the newspaper is wasted because it’s going to the wealthier part of town. That means you’ve wasted a lot of money in terms of doing newspaper advertisement, whereas with postcards you can micro focus to just a particular area that you want.

Demographic Marketing

The other nice thing about postcards is you can do what’s called demographic marketing. You’re not so worried about area but you’re worried about a particular type of person.

What we try to focus on is out of state owners. Out of state – or out of town owners as I like to call them – are people that own a property but don’t live there. The way we identify that is we find out from a list broker or whomever that the real estate tax bills are going to an address other than the property itself.

If 123 Main Street has the tax bill going to another state, there’s a fairly good assumption that is an investor or some sort of family member that does not live at the property and most likely is a landlord. I can’t guarantee it, but the probability is they’re a landlord. There’s a good chance they might be interested in selling, particularly in this environment.

One of the things we want to suggest to you guys is spend some time and get a list of out of state owners and send postcards to them. My experience has been that you will get a tremendous response. You’ll get a lot of people calling you in terms of wanting to sell.

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