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Reiki – The Energy Which Heals The Body

I discovered Reiki almost 10 years ago when I was living a period of stress. At that time I could not believe that healing can be possible through something invisible and untouchable. Two people put their hands just over my body and after several treatments during the day I felt like a new person in the evening.

How is healing made? People use the chakras of their hands to transfer energy to the chakras of other people`s body. A chakra is a point of energy located in a specific position in our body.
We have many points of energy (points where energy comes in and goes out). The Chinese medicine reports much over these points. These points are several and energy passes through them along energy lines. Among these, there are main points that are called Chakras.

There are seven chakras in the body of each of us. It is curious but seven are the fundamental colors and musical notes. In fact all in the universe is governed by waves which are characterized by seven frequencies.
When we sing the seven musical notes we excite our chakras. This is the best method to use to identify our chakras.

Reiki has in the centuries become a sort of medicine and those who are trained can with the time become expert in collecting energy from the universe and transferring it to other bodies. This is the basic principle of Reiki: get energy and transfer to other.
One can also get the energy from the universe through his hands and transfer it to other own chakras. You get the energy in the chakras of hands and transfer e.g. to the chakra of the stomach. But this process is not easy to do. You need training and a long term exercise.

There is also another important aspect to consider. To be successful, Reiki needs that the healer and the person to be healed are relaxed. A first section of meditation is recommended.

There are some reasons why Reiki became so popular in these days. First of all anyone can do Reiki receiving an attunement. It is not needed to develop the ability as for other disciplines where the use of meditation or other techniques are requested. All Reiki techniques are passed on from teachers to students through an attunement process starting with the one who first channeled the technique. Finally there is not need to drive the energy, with Reiki the energy flows spontaneously guided and goes where needed. Moreover, thanks to all of these characteristics Reiki becomes popular because cannot provoke pain or damages.

Those who do Reiki experience a non-invasive form of healing and realise an increase in energy in the body and mine and a better state of health. Their way of living is more relaxing.

The students start their activity with an initiation to become a channel for the Reiki energy. In the initiation the action is called “attunement” and the beginner undergoes as many attunements as they are necessary to make the energy flow through his/her body. The next step for the student is to know how to make Reiki treatments.

With the first level the students is able to do Reiki with the use of hands, hands-on Reiki. With the second level the students learns how to Reiki from remote: long distance or remote healing. The final level is for those who want to become Master Reiki, i.e. Reiki teachers.

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