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Renewable Energy Resources

With the new economic stimulus package recently signed into law, developing and using renewable energy resources has become a very popular topic in the news today. Solar energy in particular is garnering a lot of attention lately because there are a number of factors that are converging that are making it an increasingly viable and cost effective alternative energy source for homeowners. Below you find some of the major reasons and advantages why you may want to consider installing a solar power system in your home today.

As the population continues to rise, there is immense dependency on fossil fuels for producing electricity and the need for newer energy supplies is increasing every moment especially in developing countries. The fact that about 1.6 billion people around the world have no access to electricity disdains. Energy is also an extremely crucial part of the climate change equation. Around 80% of global CO2 emissions come from energy production and utilization.

Trends toward renewable energy are taking hold on a more widespread basis every day. One will hear more frequent mention of terms like “green construction” or “green companies”. These terms refer to building houses in an environmentally friendly manner, making as much use of renewable energy technology as possible and to businesses that have adopted an organized and serious policy to reducing their environmental impact through use of renewable energy.

There are a large number of companies, both large and small, that advertise their specific product or service that fits into the renewable energy industry. There are a great number of businesses that manufacture, install and repair all types of solar panels. Likewise, there are a corresponding number of businesses that sell, service and install systems designed to capture wind power. Still more companies are out there manufacturing and selling various forms of biofuels. Biofuels include bio diesel and ethanol.

There are also a very few companies engaged in research and development of hydrogen furnaces which run on biomass, often barnyard waste. While all these companies are in business to make money, the combined effect of what they are selling and producing is a positive one for the environment. Renewable energy is an undeniable fact of life for us now, and we all have a form of social responsibility to do our part to advance it into the mainstream. Regardless if the motivation is purely financial—to either make or save money—the end result is the same; a reduction in the emissions and pollution produced by traditional fossil fuels, and a cleaner, more sustainable environment and economy.

Renewable energy can step up the reliability of the overall system, by broadening our resource base and using supplies that are not subject to intermittent shortages or other disruptions to supply. Renewable energy systems have the hope to become the energy solution for the 21st Century: it can produce jobs and groundbreaking industries, improve air and water quality, provide access to energy for our energy security, which all leads to greater community development.

There are two basic types of energy- renewable and non-renewable. Scientists are of the opinion that the overuse of non-renewable energy resources are depleting the planet day by day. Due to the ever increasing demand for petroleum, diesel and coal, the prices of non-renewable sources of energy are increasing at an alarming pace. The day is not far when all the non-renewable energy resources will disappear.

Home wind mills have been around for over 100 years, but now they are regaining their popularity. Once restricted to farms and other rural areas people are now putting up home wind mills in record numbers. Why?Well, because home wind mills offer clean energy, free energy, they contribute to the reduction in global warming and dependence upon fossil fuels. There are two kinds of home wind mills that are gaining in popularity including the rooftop variety and those that you can put in your yard.

The cost of electricity for wind turbines can be as little as 4 to 6 cents per kilowatt-hour. In making this calculation it is necessary to take into account the financing for the initial installation of the project and also the site selection in terms of the amount of wind available and therefore the amount of electricity that can be generated. However together with other renewable energy of such as solar energy wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy anywhere on earth.

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