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Revisiting Weight Loss Suppliments – Hoodia

Hoodia is the newest weight loss supplement on the market, and it has been plastered all over the Internet and television, as well as newspapers and magazines. This herb is being touted as a miracle weight loss herb, but what exactly is Hoodia?

This extract comes from a succulent plant that is native to South Africa. This plant actually looks like a cactus that is flowering, and it grows about three feet high. The large colorful flowers on the plant have a very strong odor. There are several types of Hoodia, but the one that everyone is talking about is Hoodia Gordinii.

This variety has been used for thousands of years by the African bushmen during long hunts to suppress their appetite. The plant that produces this species of Hoodia has actually been placed on protective status because there has been such a boom to products containing this extract. Exportation of this plant is forbidden under any circumstances.

Pfizer drug company tried to synthesize the active ingredient of Hoodia after they isolated it, but these plans were later dismissed because of the difficulty involved in synthesizing this ingredient. Even in the middle of the year 2006, there was no research involving human studies concerning Hoodia.

It is important to note that only the Gordinii variety of Hoodia has the appetite suppressant quality, the other varieties do not. This herb does not act as a stimulant, and there are no known side effects to Hoodia. The herb works by tricking your brain into believing that you have eaten and are full. This herbal supplement works right away on some people, but others may not notice an effect for several weeks, and the reasons for this are not known yet.

Some common effects from Hoodia that have been reported by users include a reduced interest in food and eating, feeling full by eating less, a longer time between meals without feeling hungry, and a general sense of well being. When combined with a sensible diet and a moderate workout and exercise plan, Hoodia has been reported to show effective results by users.

Hoodia Gordinii grows mainly in the semi desert areas of certain countries. This includes Botswana, Angola, Namibia, and South Africa. The native bushmen who have used the plant for centuries would cut the stem and then suck, chew, and swallow the plant. In the United States the demand for Hoodia has grown dramatically after the FDA banned the drug Ephedra.

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