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Rid Boredom from Your Career

Is your career boring? Almost every will answer with a resounding “yes” to this question. They’re justified, though. You wake up at the same time, drive to the same place, and work with the same people on the same thing and countdown the days until the weekend. It’s routine and routine is boring because it’s the same.

Try to look at routine in a different way. This means you know exactly what you will be doing and exactly when you will be doing it. This means you have little to think about. There is no stress, you aren’t overwhelmed and it sparks creativity. Knowing what tomorrow is like will build confidence; you know what to expect. If every day was entirely different, you would need to think about every little detail of every little thing you did, and that would be overwhelming. Structure is something that is important in everyone’s life.

Try to eradicate fear from your mind. You may be afraid of appearing stupid, failing or even succeeding. Make an agreement with yourself to take changes and to work through fear whenever it plagues you. This will allow for new ideas, new promotions and more creativity in your job.

If your routine is getting too old, change it. Accent the areas you like in your routine. Add new things to your routine to make it more enjoyable. Try walking to work once a week, trying a new restaurant for lunch every other day, exercising for an hour after work or taking a new class to further your knowledge in your field. Remember to be easy on yourself. It is hard to break old habits and form new ones. If you find yourself faltering, simply regroup and continue your new routine where you left off.

If you still feel bored while you are at work, try volunteering for new jobs. This will give you something new to do as well as impress your boss. Volunteer to balance the budget for office supplies or to organize the weekly office.

S. Stammberger is editor of E Career
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