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RIP Mrs. Superman

I found it intriguing that when Ms. Reeves, the surviving spouse of Christopher Reeves, passed away at the young age of 44 of lung cancer, little if any mention was made of her being a non-smoker.

Is there any correlation between the number of new Cancers, syndromes or disorders discovered in the last 50 years and the piles of junk marketed to us every minute of every day by ‘Madison Avenue’?

Haven’t we all been told that ‘Tobacco causes Lung Cancer’ to the point people believe they won’t get Lung Cancer if they don’t smoke.

How did this happen?

Have we been lied to?

Are we being lied to now?

Yes, everyday, every time we turn on a TV or Radio, or go to a Movie, or read a newspaper we are lied to.

Some will point to ‘2nd Hand Smoke’ for the blame in non-smokers deaths, but science itself can’t agree on this one.
The empirical data is not conclusive.

At any rate, Cancers and various maladies unexplained by modern science, or at least insufficiently explained, strike us everyday.

Do any of these effect a family member, friend or even yourself:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Leaky Gut Syndrome,
Asperger Syndrome,
Williams Syndrome,

In many cases a syndrome itself is a collection of unexplained symptoms packaged for study.
Until a study produces good data the syndrome is a grey area of seemingly related factors.

We’ve all heard the term ‘by-products’.

Do ‘unintended, undocumented by-products’ accumulate?
If they do they may be in your liver, kidneys, bones, joints, or fat tissues.
This is not to say that the Manufacturers are negligent or malicious. It’s just less expensive this way.
It’s also not legally necessary to list ingredients if they are less than 1% of the content. (US anyway).

If you came Home and your Kitchen was flooding with the faucet running, overflowing onto the floor, through the house, would you first:
Grab a Mop?
Grab a Plunger?
Open the Doors to let the water out?
Or turn the faucet off.

Educate yourself and those you care about.

The Questions That follow Are:
How do I educate myself?
What Questions do I ask NOW?
What do I eliminate?
What do I look out for from now on?
Are There Things I can do about this for my Family?

These Questions do have answers, answers that will effect the rest of your Life and that of your Family and Friends.

©2006 C. R. Ellsworth All Rights Reserved

C. R. Ellsworth is retired and living in the ‘Great North Woods’.
He’s been involved in On-Line & Network Marketing since 2000.
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