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Running is a weird and paradox exercise in the medical sense. On the one hand, running can help to enhance the impact of heart and lung, on the other hand, heart disease, apoplexy and some other diseases in modern society also can be avoided through running. But as Dr. Sheehan said; running is bone to produce the health disease that is the unique illness taken by running. The main manifestations of this disease are foot pain and leg pain, but sometimes it also includes some other problems. Another strange phenomenon is that when this injury appears, most doctors can not help.

There shows on a very short occasion at a cocktail party not long ago in Manhattan, but what we have to say is that this thing can make you something clear. A doctor who participates in running for the first time makes a conversation with a manager who insists on running for ten years. For a few weeks, the doctor has been suffering from pains on the heel tendon, in order to cure himself, he also adopted many useless ways for treatment. The doctor is told that the manager has ever met the same problem all the same. Encouraged by the manager, the doctor took off his shoes and socks, so that the manager can examine his injured Achilles tendon. In order to figure out the painful positions, the manager pressed his heel tendon gently and constantly asking some questions.

After checking, he told the doctor his diagnosis, and recommended him the following treatment program, that is hot pack, gently tap and reduce the running time. The doctor reflected the effect within a few weeks and spoke that there was no pain on his heel tendon that was hopeless to cure after he put to use the method the manager advised.

This story may sound a bit bizarre, but in fact it is not surprising. For a majority of people, they have learned how to heal others, but as to health care, they have not learned. It is easy for doctors to cope with some patients with obvious symptoms, for instance, fracture, cough and headache. However; they feel they can do nothing to make a people stronger when they run into that kind of people.

Whe we talk about the column of Washington Post, a person named Dr. Silver once had written articles on the subject of sports medicine, and he lived in Maryland, Silver Spring. He also taught this course at the University of Maryland. He recently wrote to me and said something about his feeling; he thought doctors would abuse surgery on athletes as well as cortisone and HCL. All in all, Money would be given to the doctor if you ask for a doctor, therefore, if people are injured, they will hope something can be done by the doctor to help them. But in reality, the doctor can do little to service people who are wounded after running. In fact, the duty of doctors is to guard against runners from injuries.

He of she is tend to be subject to some defects, take lack of flexibility, muscle balance disorders and physical deformities for examples, and what can a doctor do is to give the examination and treatment to them. He could tell you whether your hurt can be due to the extra exercise or not by ask some proper questions. Finally, he can make recommendations to runners on whether they need to rest or not.

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