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Scooter Driving Safety Issues

Scooter drivers of all ages, just as automobile drivers, have a responsibility to take safety precautions before jumping behind the wheel. For young scooter hobbyist, parents are also responsible for making sure their child driver has a basic knowledge on how to function the motor scooter. Supervisors of scooter riding and the drivers must always know the proper safety equipment to use and use it. Though motor scooters have the ability to serve multiple purposes, they are growing especially fast in popularity among commuters in areas such as college campuses and congested downtown areas.

People traveling to near by neighborhood locations and to short distances for errands are also finding the convenient use of motor scooters for commuting. The advantages driving a scooter can offer are very obvious to some people because of the lifestyles they lead. Probably the favorite perk motor scooters offer commuters is the different ways using one can save money, such as by nearly eliminating gas costs and creating additional free or work time by allowing you to avoid traffic.

Each advantage of driving motor scooters is valuable to many people, especially in large, metropolitan areas, but those who have used this method of commuting have also been met with some resistance. Motorists who routinely travel by scooter know, or should know, the safety laws and regulations in their area but unsafe situations still tend to rise more often than they ought. When driving scooters the most problematic situations occur when automobile drivers do not notice or choose not to recognize scooter drivers as a legitimate vehicle.

Motor scooters are legal vehicles to drive on regular roads and the traffic laws and rules of the road are typically the same as those for other cars and trucks. This being the case, by law, there should not be a situation where a regular sized automobile over takes a motor scooter in a manner they would not use if it were an equal sized automobile. Awareness of the regulations on driving motor scooters is most likely the primary reason for road vehicles to violate scooter’s right of way.

Since driving scooters on legal roads is not a practice used widely in all of the nation, motor scooterist must remain alert for any harmful situations. For starters, anywhere you drive your motor scooter a helmet should be in your attire. While out driving around town it is advised to wear bright colors and use a whip flag. Both of these precautions increase the chances that other vehicles will see you and react properly.

The rear and brake lights on your motor scooter are important features that can also raise the awareness of your presence to other drivers. During day and night the tendency of automobile drivers following behind your scooter is to become distracted from any turns, signals or actions you are taking. Having bright, consistently working brake lights help trailing drivers to notice the move you are making, or plan to make. Some avid scooter drivers have installed a flash lamp that is also activated when the brakes are applied.

The flash lamp continually flashes brightly, each flash only fractions of a second apart to warn following vehicles of the scooter driver’s intent.

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