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Selecting a Rescue Dog

In this article i am going to discuss rescue dogs and what to avoid when looking for a rescue dog. Like any dog a rescue dog can make your life hell. Some people are forced to walk there dog at ridiculously early of late times just to avoid seeing other people or dogs. Many dogs have aggression problems that may take years to get over thats if they ever get over there aggressive behaviors. You can make a dog not attack people/dogs but you cannot make a dog like people or dogs. In this article i will try to inform you of what can be cured easily and what cannot be cured easily.

Most people feel a puppy is a more secure choice than a rescue dog this simply isn’t the case. When you select a rescue dog you can asses its temperament and see it around strangers and other dogs. Where as when you buy a puppy your really just buying a little bundle of flesh that could mature into a dog with some serious problems. There are advantages to having a puppy such as you can meet the parents and even grandparents in some cases. The puppies breeder will also know the complete family history and any genetic medical problems that may arise.

There are a lot of things to avoid when selecting a new rescue dog. Aggressive male dogs around the age of ten months who were not previously aggressive have usually become dominant due to hormonal reactions. This is the time when male dogs who would become aggressive will start to show it. So picking a male rescue dog before this age may cause you to end up with a different dog a few months down the line that you originally wanted. Female dogs on the other hand tend to either be aggressive when first introduced to other dogs or around the time of there first season. With female dogs turn aggressive when first introduced to other dogs may get over it with some socialization however there are a lot who do not. If a female dog who is aggressive at first introduction is not good with other dogs after around six week of socialization then the dog is unlikely to be good with other dogs for quiet some time.

Try and avoid any dog who displays aggressive tendency’s. Many nervous dogs will show aggression so if its a nervous dog your interested in then make sure you check it around as much as possible. If the nervous dog you are interested in shows no aggression then its properly a good selection as if it wont bite while afraid then it properly wont be aggressive under normal circumstances.

Dogs who are very confident and aggressive are more difficult to deal with. Fear is a big reason for aggression but there are many others some dogs are just bullies other dogs are dominant. Dogs who are bullies are extremely difficult to deal with as they are enjoying doing what there doing. Dominant dogs are sometimes easier and some times harder to deal with than nervous dogs.

Some dog breeds are more prone to certain types of aggression. Many dogs in the herding breed become nervous and aggressive because of this. Others groups have there own problems terriers tend to be dominant and some times bullies. The working group is another breed who can show dominance. In my opinion the group of dogs who are less likely to suffer from aggressive problems are the gun dog group. The gun dog group generally makes very god pets and are superb with children. Of course breed is only a part of what makes a dogs nature. The purpose of why a dog was bred by its breeder is another big factor. Some breeders breed for nature some for showing and others for working ability. These factors are all a huge thing to consider when selecting a rescue dog or when selecting a puppy.

Always remember to be careful when selecting a dog theres no guarantee a dog will ever get over aggressive tendency’s. The most important thing is to make sure of that the dog has a good nature theres absolutely no substitute for a good nature. Make sure you see the dog in as many different situations as possible and look into the breed and what the breed is bred for in this day and age.

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