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Shower Filter Handheld Options For Your Convenience

We all know the importance of drinking and showering in filtered water. Now you have the option of showering with a shower filter handheld spray. Lots of people these days like having a spray head that is hand held for a much more efficient and convenient wash. These shower filter handheld types come in many colors and designs to suit your decor and needs.

You have the option of chrome, gold, white, white and chrome and much more. If you like to have a massaging head then you will be happy to know that these can be found also. 3 or 5 way massagers are the most popular. Knowing that you can have that relaxing shower with a massaging head as well as knowing you are using filtered water is something that we all should want to experience.

These filters are easy to replace and many are in need of replacement every 3 months while others are 6 monthly. Some of the filters for these hand held shower heads are reversible. This is a great idea as it actually back flushes the filter when it is reversed. Doing this periodically eliminates channeling ensuring balanced filtration.

Having filtered water while showering helps eliminate chlorine and other chemicals and bacteria. Most people do not realize that your skin can absorb these through the steam of a hot shower. Whilst they do not drink unfiltered water they do not realize the risks involved in showering in it. Once you have used filtered water to wash in you will soon notice that your skin is not dry, red or blotchy after showering. This in itself is comforting.

There are many companies and manufacturers that supply shower filter handheld heads either in contempory stores or online. You may have heard of some of them as Cambrai, Showersafe, Royal Prestige, Lapure, Ultra Pure just to mention a few. Because there are many of these suppliers you will no doubt be able to find some bargains. Always look around before you buy and especially take the opportunity to research right here online, as you will have a better chance of finding what you want.

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