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Simple Tips For Managing Obesity

Obesity management: Simple tips to try at home

1. Do not set very high goals. Target a reasonable weight loss of 1/2 kg – 1 kg per week.
2. Adapt family meals to specific needs by adjusting method of preparation and reducing addition of fats.
3. Avoid binges. If you overeat due to social pressures, adjust other meals of the day or of the next day.
4. While eating outside home, select simply prepared items rather than combination dishes. Avoid fried foods, select fruits as desserts rather than ice-creams, puddings, etc.
5. Spread food throughout the day to meet energy needs.
6. Follow a gradual approach to exercise to get the most benefits.
7. Exercise regularly at a comfortable pace.
8. Select varied exercises that you enjoy and those that fit your personality and your work schedule.
9. Encourage your family and friends to support you and join you in your activity. It is best to inculcate healthy habits in your children when they are young.
10. Challenge yourself. Set short-term and long-term goals and celebrate every success.
11. Do not be discouraged by plateaus. They often occur after some weight loss. Get started again by increasing your exercise.

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