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Simple Wig Care and Maintenance Tips

Have you ever tried wearing a wig to change the way you look and feel? If you haven’t, you may want to give it a try sometime. A hair wig is an easy way to become someone “different” for even a short time, or for a long-time fashion change that will make you feel renewed or special. Of course, it’s important to shop for just the right wig, and avoid going to extremes, at least initially. Make a gradual shift in your appearance so that others aren’t shocked. Make a point of caring for your wig so it will last for years to come, since wigs can be expensive to replace. Ask the manufacturer, stylist, or sales assistant for advice on caring for your wig, or visit the corresponding websites for detailed suggestions or guidelines.

First, get a Styrofoam head or another type of holding device to help your wig retain its shape. Throwing it in a heap on the dresser will not do it much good, and it may not look the greatest when you put it on next time. Respect and maintain the natural style of your hairpiece so it will continue to resemble the look you want.

Next, don’t treat the wig harshly. Avoid yanking at it with a brush. Don’t apply too many chemicals in the form of spray, mousse, or setting solution. Avoid teasing, jerking, pulling, or stretching the curls to get it to do what you want, since you may damage it in the process. Don’t let the kids play dress-up with it, either. Keep the wig away from flames and damp areas. Avoid setting it near a fan or open window where moving air could ruffle the arrangement.

Third, keep your wig clean and free of germs or lint. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for shampooing it, using the recommended products and frequency. If you are not supposed to wash the wig, don’t, or you could end up with a shapeless mass of artificial or real hair that you won’t be able to manage or style. You may need to just run the blow dryer over it to remove surface dust.

Fourth, don’t try changing the style. Of course, if you are proficient with hair care, that’s another story. But if not, take it to a hair salon for a fresh setting and arrangement to help your wig continue to do a great job with enhancing your appearance. If you feel like experimenting, at least get some help before trying to change your wig’s design.

Finally, don’t let anyone else borrow your wig. In addition to the possibility of their stretching or damaging it, even unintentionally, there is the danger of head lice, scabies, or other skin conditions that could be transmitted to your head when you next wear the wig upon its return.

Although a wig doesn’t require daily care necessarily, you do have to look after it from time to time to help it keep its shape and style and to help it stay as attractive as possible.

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