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Six Tips for Your Planning to Success

If you are reading this article, you see success as an important target. You decide to not settle for less. You are now the person of mission. You make you life more worthwhile. In order to have all those qualities, you need to have goals of your own.

The goals can be in al areas in your life. They can be your career goal, your financial goal, your health goal, your relationship goal, your spiritual goal and so on. You can have goals on anything that matters in your life. Once we have goals, you then need plans to achieve those goals. This is similar to the plan that you need to give to your boss if you work for a company. It will not let you work aimlessly since that will damage the company in the long run.

This is the same as in life. We need to also have a life plan if we want to succeed. This is to make sure that the actions we take have some meanings to our goals. In this article, we will talk about action plan toward our goals. The six tips in planning will enable us to systematically understand the steps of writing plan. They will increase our effectiveness in planning.

The tips include

1. Know your goals very well. If you have a well written goal, you can draw up your plan easily. Writing an action plan is like painting a picture. Once you have raw material for example the good color, good environment, good model. You will be able to produce good piece of work. It is the same as writing a plan only that the plan does not need crayon or oil colors or canvas. It needs the clarity of your destination. This is the area why most people fail in planning. They are not sure on what they want. The good goal should consist of SMART move. This is mentioned in many text book already. We will just touch the surface here. The SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. I will not go into the details but I am sure that you get the picture. The clarity in your goals will be the first element of your success in the planning.

2. Know why you need to achieve this goal. You might question why we have yet go into planning activities. Although the emphasis of the first two points is on mind preparation, they are very important. They are also part of the planning process. Knowing why you need to achieve your goals will send the signal to your brain on the importance of your goals. It will give strength when you face tough situation. In the process, you most likely will. It will also create your emotion to your goals. Human mostly is influenced by his own emotion. Your success depends much on this point. Then, be sure that you know why you want this goal achieved.

3. Break down your goals into small pieces. You can not achieve all in a very short time. Neither will you be able to conduct the actions for a long time without having the sense of fulfillment. In order to acquire that quality, you need to break down your goal into small goals. And you can achieve them in a shorter period of time. In this case, to achieve these small goals will already be a success to you. You will feel fulfilled along the way of your actions. You will be able to pursue your activities for long term success.

4. Write down your plan to achieve those small goals. Here comes the real planning step. Know your outcome. Know your situation. Know your competency. Know you competitor. You should write down all the analysis so that you know what you can do and what you can not. If not, how you are going to acquire those skills. Write down all the activities you need to do in days, weeks and months.

5. Have evaluation sheet to control your actions. Make sure that you know your progress. You must do what you are supposed to do regularly. Set up the criteria that you need to evaluate yourself. Evaluate yourself monthly, weekly and daily. Adjust your activities if you do not yet achieve. Regular appraisal will help you to be closer to your goals.

6. Do not give up. Make sure that you always have this motto in your brain. You will not give up no matter what! Say it out loud in your mind and outside if you can. This is the utmost quality that all successful people have and you also do.

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