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Skincare Advice For Everyone

Taking care of your skin should not be confusing nor should it require you to use a large multitude of products just to make your skin feel cleaner. In spite of all the sales hype that we see on TV and in print trying to persuade you that you need all different kinds of products most people only need a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients included. With that said, there are exceptions that may have a type of skin needing special care so it is important to know what kind of skin you have.

Begin by assessing what your skin type is. If your face feels dry and tight with possibly some rough patches or redness you probably have dry skin. You may even suffer from flaking and irritation. The best treatment for this type of skin is to use rich moisturizers and never use cleansers that strip oil from your skin. You should also add Omega-3 oil to your diet.

If your skin is shiny or feels slick, especially on your forehead, nose, and chin then you probably have oily skin. Although, you may not think of it as a blessing when you are young it is actually a blessing in disguise because it naturally guards against wrinkles and the effects of aging. With oily skin, you want to use cleansers that will clean the skin without removing this natural anti-aging oil.

Skin that is prone to acne and those who are older are more unique and will require more specialized treatment. Mild cleansers are still best and moisturizers should be oil free but formulated for the specific condition you may have.

People with severe skin conditions such as severe acne should seek the advice of a dermatologist who may wish to prescribe medicines and specific skin creams that are made to deal with tougher cases.

It is very easy to care for your skin once you know what your skin type is and can even become enjoyable as you use the correct products and see improvement.

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