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Slovak Republic Lies in Central Europe

The Slovak Republic lies in Central Europe. The central and northern Slovakia is a mountainous region. The Carpathian Mountains cross this area. Southern and eastern Slovakia is a lowland region, being an important agricultural area of the country.

The Danube River connects Slovakia with Vienna, the Rhine Main channel, and harbours at the Black sea. In 1918 the Slovaks joined the closely related Czechs to form Czechoslovakia.

Following the chaos of World War II, Czechoslovakia became a communist nation within Soviet ruled Eastern Europe. Soviet influence collapsed in 1989 and Czechoslovakia once more became free. The Slovaks and the Czechs agreed to separate peacefully on 1 January 1993.

Historic, political, and geographic factors have caused Slovakia to experience more difficulty in developing a modern market economy than some of its Central European neighbours.
The population of Slovakia is 5.5 million.

However Slovakia is one of the best countries in the region for skiers, both amateurs and experts. The two main skiing areas are the Low Tatras and the High Tatras. The Low Tatras are more pleasant if you want to avoid crowds, but the High Tatras offer more reliable snow conditions and superior facilities. The High Tatras are also blesses with high peaks such as Skalnate Pleso 1751 m and are host to several world championships. Lifts in both regions generally operate from January through March, though cross country skiing is a popular alternative.

The most important tourist resort in Slovakia is Strbske Pleso 1 355 m. It acquired its international reputation in 1970, when the World Championship in Alpine Skiing was held here. The ski stadium includes 26 km of perfectly maintained cross-country trails, two chairlifts and four T bars. Most of the terrain is equipped with the snow-making facilities. Apart from skiing you can try paragliding, winter bungee jumping, swimming, visiting sauna, fitness halls, and many other activities. Tatranska Lomnica is one of the best ski resorts in Slovakia. The highest ski altitude is almost 2 200 m.

In Tatranska Lomnica you can find two cable cars, and many smaller lifts. It is quite small, but very well organized and maintained. Zdiar is the largest ski resort in the whole of the Tatras area. Most of the tracks were planned for beginners. It is recommended for groups and families with small children. In the Stary Smokowiec town area there are three separate ski centres. The most popular one is Jakubkova Luka situated in Novy Smokowiec. Podbanske is one of the smallest of the Tatras ski resorts and is located on the western boundary of the High Tatra town area, 32 km from Stary Smokowiec and 13 km from Strbske Pleso. You can find 3 ski lifts and a mild terrain for beginners and small children.

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