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Some Great But Goofy Bridal Shower Gag Gifts

Gift giving at bridal showers can sometimes turn into a dull and boring event but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many brides appreciate and love something out of the ordinary like a gag gift. It is crucial that you know the person well and also know the other people who will be there so that you don’t give a gift that might be deemed inappropriate or crude.

In a time of stress from planning the wedding, most brides will probably appreciate the humor and comic relief that comes from a gag gift. As I mentioned earlier, it is important to know the bride and the other guests since a lot of the gag gifts for brides tend to be sexual or naughty. If you have bought a gift like this and the grandmother who is known for her prudishness shows up, you may want to hold onto it and deliver it in private; she might not ten to appreciate the concept of edible panties!

If you talk to the bride and the person putting on the shower and it is deemed that a gag gift exchange would be acceptable then maybe a gag gift exchange party would go over well. The thing that is so cool about this is that everyone gets to participate and each guest will take a gift home that will make them remember the event. To organize an event like this put instructions on the bridal shower invitations for each guest to bring a wrapped gag gift with them to the party. Count the number of guests and create numbered labels with a number for each guest.

Now, you start the exchange by having each guest pick a number and allow them to choose from any of the gifts that you have stacked in a pile in the middle of the room. The person unwraps the gift and shows it to everybody. The succeeding guests have the option to take a previously opened gift or open a new one. This goes on until the last person has opened a gift, at the end the person who went first has the option to keep the gift they have or take one from any other person in the room. It may be a thoughtful consideration to allow the bride this honor.

There are virtually unlimited gag gift ideas that can be found for the bride to be or the gift exchange. It is almost certain that you can find specialty shops in your area for such gifts and if not the internet certainly has anything you could possibly desire online.

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