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Some Shocking And Creative Ways To Use Rose Petals

Roses are for more than just gift giving or smelling. The petals from roses can be used for a variety of different things. Some of these uses are for common everyday tasks, such as beautifying our gardens and walkways, while others are far more unique and distinctive, such as for use in cooking and types of therapy. It seems like Rose lovers just get into inventing and reinventing new ways to use their favorite flower. If you’re one of these flower lovers of the rose and its sweet smell, then you’ll love the cool uses we have listed below. Use your own imagination and I am sure you just can come up with some more unique ways to bring the sweet scent of the rose into your life. Have some fun and be creative because the rose has a way of making you feel happy just by its very presence alone.

The list is endless on how to use rose petals, however, when we consider the use of roses in special events and celebrations one particular event comes to my mind and that would be weddings. I guess that is especially because I was just married less than a month ago! Still, nowhere has the rose been used to such a large degree than in weddings. The us of rose petals has now replaced many of the normal traditions of the typical US wedding. For example, in many cases the rice that was once thrown at the end as the happy new couple was leaving to go on the honeymoon, has now been replaced by rose petals. We commonly see rose petals being used by flower girls too, and imitation petals are a hot item as well.

Aromatherapy, also known as personal therapy is another area using rose petals that is not just an idea from the hip 1960s. It gained widespread popularity as aromatherapy in the 1980s, and has grown larger and more popular ever since. Relaxing therapy with rose scents are used in candles, lotions, bath oils and perfume too. Professional therapists in spas that offer massage therapy are now requested very often to rub the customer with the relaxing scent of the rose petal. Our research has shown us that for use in home, the rose is the top rated smell that is purchased for use in air fresheners, candles, or for any other type of home freshener device.

Another unique and not commonly thought of use for rose petals is in cooking. These days the number of people that are using the rose petal in cooking is increasing constantly. Native Americans have long used dried rose petals in their cooking for its unique flavor and aroma. Now we are learning to return to their enlightened way of cooking too. From rose hips, which are the dried seeds of roses, a highly flavored tea is a good way to end or begin a day. If you have ever read the ingredients in many formulations for Vitamin C you will see rose hips listed as they are a good source. There many types of rose petals that can be added to foods that will increase the flavor too. There are a lot of different dishes that can be created with the rose petal scent.

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