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Stand Out From Your Competition

If you own your own business, one of the important factors for being successful is to have something that makes you stand out from your competition. That applies to any business, regardless if it is a product you sell or a service you provide. A perfect example is Geraldine’s story.

When Geraldine traded her 9 to 5 job in for self-employment, she started a daycare service out of her home. Although Geraldine had never been a daycare provider before, her experience as a parent and the experiences she had with putting her own daughter in daycare when she was working caused her to say to herself, “I can do this.” Not only that, she knew she could do it better!

Through the various daycare services that Geraldine’s daughter was enrolled in during the first three years of her life, she learned quite a lot about what she liked and what she didn’t like as a parent.

One thing she felt was missing was information on what her child did each day. Unless she specifically asked, she was never sure what or how well she ate, how long she slept during nap time, if she had a bowel movement that day, or what kind of activities she participated in. All Geraldine was ever really told was if she had a good day or not and what a joy she was. If Geraldine wanted any other information, she had to ask.

So when she decided to become a licensed daycare provider, Geraldine took the things she liked and the things she did not like and used them to create a unique daycare service that was unlike any other.

The first thing Geraldine did was made up an informational packet for prospective clients that included all the information on her daycare. Anytime someone came over for an interview, they were given the packet to take home and go over.

The daycare program included a preschool program with various learning activities and arts and crafts. A menu was prepared ahead of time and given to the parents at the start of each month so that they would know exactly what their child would be eating each day. A form was also created and given to parents at the end of each day that told them how well their child ate, how long they napped, if they had a bowel movement, and other important information about their child’s day to keep them informed. But she didn’t just stop there.

Having been a working parent herself and a wife, Geraldine knew just how hard it was to have some alone time with her husband without the kids. So a Parents Night Out program was included where on one Saturday night out of each month parents could drop their kids off between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. so that they could go out and have some fun. The kids would have pizza and do some fun activities. The parents loved it! Not only were they able to have some alone time, they didn’t have to worry about who was taking care of their child, because they already knew everything about the daycare centre and knew their child was in good hands.

Once the first few clients started spreading the word about how wonderful this daycare program was, Geraldine filled all of her openings and even had a waiting list of parents who were anxious to fill any openings that might come available.

The secret of Geraldine’s success was that she took something she was passionate about and knew well, and she made it her own by bringing her own flair and ideas to the business.

So if you own your own business and want to increase your success, think about providing an additional service or something extra that will make it worth the buyer’s time to purchase your product or service-that one extra step that makes you stand out.

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