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Start Dating Without Drama

If you feel like you are living a life inside the drama of the popular television show you may want to read on.

Dating is one of those things that can become drama filled if one of the two people is melodramatic and pushes those buttons! Sometimes it is simply in a persons genetical makeup so you can expect drama from here on out, but for others, it is a series of choices that can be rectified with the right information.

These choices and events are easy and avoiding these issues will help you avoid drama in dating.

1. Being a yes person

This is a hugely common mistake that men often make, but women are just as guilty. If you are too scared of standing up for yourself because it might make the other party mad, you will likely get ran over. There is a difference between commanding respect and being aggressive or offensive. This is not what we are saying, but do not be so submissive that others lose respect and more importantly you lose your own self respect. The other partner will begin to take advantage of you if you do not stand up for yourself and keep your confidence levels up!

2. Convincing someone to love you

If you are not getting anywhere in the relationship, it may be time to move on. Do not continually try to make someone love you, chances are they never will and this can cause a ton of drama in dating or marriage.

If you try so hard to please someone else you can lose respect for yourself. Now if you lose self respect, do you think anyone else will respect you?

If they are not attracted to you, do not assume that you are unattractive or not worthwhile. Simply understand that not everyone shares the same tastes in love and find someone that is attracted to you!

Love yourself enough to know when enough is enough. If the relationship is on a downward spiral to hell, get out. Do not stick around and lose yourself because you are trying to make someone else fall in love with you.

3. Buying affection

Why in the world do people begin giving lavish gifts when they feel that their dating partner is not interested any longer? Yes, it is possible that they will stay a little longer, but do you know what you are saying to them and the rest of the world when you do this? You are telling them, I dont mind that you are no longer interested, I will just spend myself into the poor house, waiting for a crumb of love. You must make sure you never fall into that trap. Do not waste your hard-earned money on someone that is no longer with you at heart. MOVE ON!

4. Hold off on telling all

Understand that when you are in a relationship you are not obligated to express your every waking thought. You are entitled to your privacy and personal thoughts. This is not to say that you should not talk to the other person or tell them how you feel, but just do not blab everything. Women are the worst at this, they tell things that would be better left unsaid. This can give the other partner something to hold against you in an angry stint. This can lead to unnecessary fights and bickering, causing damage to a relationship beyond repair.

Now you may be wondering how all of this leads to drama in a dating relationship. It is not hard to establish a life of drama in any relationship, it starts when there are conflicts, uncertainties or pressure from either side. As stated earlier some people are simply prone to drama, but it can be changed if the above situations are avoided. The most important of avoiding this type of relationship is to respect yourself. If you have self respect you will demand respect and not fall into a self defeating relationship. Do not let others lead you around or call all the shots, you are a person that deserves happiness and a little bit of say so!

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