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Steps for Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

The first step towards success is goal setting, but we cannot get anywhere if we are heading in the wrong direction. Planning is essential to achieve success.

The second step towards success is persistence, as many people dont achieve success even after setting a goal because they dont endure the procedure involved. Achievement can only come with constant persistence.

Goal setting is a very powerful technique, for accomplishment. Goal setting helps us to determine priorities and also gets us organized to take major decisions and realize our dreams. For some reason, people believe that they need resources to achieve all goals, which is wrong.

Research shows that anything is possible to achieve with sheer determination. People have overcome illness, which was considered incurable and there are some people who have risen to great heights with sheer determination. There are those who possess little talents and still make a name in the world.

The only thing that stops us from achieving our goals is losing track along the way. Goal achievement entails the following requirements:

1. Well defined goal statements
2. Breaking goals into manageable steps
3. Commitment and motivation
4. Reminders and maintaining track
5. Frequent review and reassessment

Well defined goal statements

The goal statement forms the base of the entire process, so we should pay attention while formulating a clear and accurate goal. A good way to define a good goal statement is by the old S.M.A.R.T. acronym. Smart stands for specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, time and resource constrained achievement. We should keep our goals specific, so that we know what we are striving for. Always keep measurable goals, so that you can tell when the goal is achieved.

Breaking down goals into manageable steps

Once you have a well defined and concise goal statement, then you need some direction to follow so as to achieve your goal. The goal statement provides you with a list of important things that need to be done to achieve your goal, an action plan and also track your progress.

Commitment and Motivation

This is what makes us strive towards achievement. Motivation gives us the required push, desire and the resolve to accomplish all other steps in the goal achieving process. This motivation can be achieved by developing a goal statement that can create a high level of emotion and energy level that promises achievement. Commitment sets us on the right track.

Reminders and maintaining track

We can achieve our goals through persistence and regular attention. You should constantly remind yourself and also be accountable for mistakes. You can lose sight and fail to achieve your goal, if you dont maintain a track.

Frequent review and re-assessment

Goal setting in an ongoing process and it can be accomplished over a period of time. Initially, when we sit and outline our goals, they may seem very difficult to achieve and may also appear daunting. But, with a slow and steady approach, the goal appears to be much easier and achievable. We should constantly review our goals at least once a week or even daily. By constantly keeping in track of your goals, you will be able to keep a watch on that which is not accomplished and try to accomplish them.

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