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Stop Panic Attacks – The No. 1 Way

Copyright (c) 2009 Riley West

Millions of people who want to stop panic attacks, like I did for years, are probably searching in the wrong places.

Panic attacks are anxiety born.

Anxiety is fear. Lots of different kinds of fears. A typical anxiety is of the kind where the person worries that they might lose their job.

Or they may be worrying that they might lose their wife. Or their health.

In my opinion, it is almost always associated with loss.

The original, primal anxiety was “How am I going to get something to eat today.” It was literally “How am I going to survive today”? Fear of loss of life.

As we evolved, new anxieties came up like “How am I going to find a mate, raise a family, and support them”?

And, of course, once you have these things in place, mankind faces the anxiety born of the fear of losing these things.

Still, panic attacks are quite another thing entirely. They are pure fear.

The sufferer becomes afraid of the attacks because the symptoms are terrifying. It gets a little bit “chicken first or egg first” on examination but the primary truth is that the attacks are caused by the fear of the attacks themselves.

It may seem like another fear triggers the attack but that isn’t what carries the attack on through.

It may seem like going into that business meeting will probably trigger an attack but what fuels the ongoing hyper-anxiety, fear based episode is the fear of the attacks.

First there are the symptoms. Those alone would scare anybody.

Your heart pounds. Your face turns red. You start to sweat. You have trouble breathing!

And then there is the crazy dog fight of thoughts spinning around in your head. You fear you are going crazy. You fear that others will think you are weird. What’s worse is, you are probably right about that!

No wonder the sufferers want to stop panic attacks. It feels like it’s going to kill them and it sure makes a shambles of normal living.

My ongoing Waterloo was business meetings. They were a mess for me. But I worked my way through it out of necessity.

These meeting were VERY important to me, and before I started having these attacks I got a lot of help and money from the meetings.

After struggling with the panic attacks in the meetings for years I came to a conclusion about the nature of these things.

I understood that, while the attacks were very difficult and truly ugly, they didn’t hurt me, other than monetarily and a little bruised ego.

Coupled with anger over the mess these things made in my life and the thought that they couldn’t hurt me, I changed the way I saw these attacks and I became unafraid of them.

At the next meeting, as I was headed into the room I felt the beginning fears of the attack.

Talking to myself, and to the attack, personified as an “evil entity” I said, “I don’t care what you do, you can’t hurt me.”

Right as I said it I felt the grip of that nascent attack loosen and slip away.

I now had a cure, and, for me, the cure was learning not to fear the attacks.

I think it would work for anyone who wanted to stop panic attacks.

If you want to stop panic attacks there is no better place to look for information than at Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety the blog. I had panic attacks for years and I figured out how to get rid of them! Later I found a program run by Joe Barry that uses a method to stop panic attacks that is VERY similar to the one I used. It has worked for tens of thousands. Check it out now and Get Your Life Back!