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Stress Gladiators: 7 Universal Laws For Anxiety And Stress Relief

“All emotions are pure which gather you and lift you up;
that emotion is impure which seizes only one side of your being and so distorts you.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke

1. The Law of Time

The highest payment you can ever make in life is the payment of time. Is it worth the limited time you have to hand it over to “stress” so it can mess up even more of your time that you say you don’t waste on “useless things” in the first place?

2. The Law of Willingness

In order to break the chain of stressors in your life you absolutely must be willing to experiment with and accept new ways of thinking, doing, talking, walking, behaving, and surprising yourself further with how the old knowledge can’t stay in your way of success any longer.

3. The Law of Flexibility

A closed-minded 50 year-old person may feel more strain in life then an open-minded 80 year-old neighbor. Who is more flexible? And, it’s not in the age, is it? The more flexibility you allow yourself to have, the more choices you create, the less anxiety and stress can pollute your new and flexible field of expanded awareness.

4. The Law of The Past

The blueprint from your past (fortunately) does not outline your future at all. That is, if you watch it! Planning for and judging your future based on your past may feel like living in “the past” indefinitely. Bring up your dreams in vivid, life-like imagery, sounds, textures, feelings, smells and touches to mastermind a new blueprint that you will change – again!

5. The Law of Resources

Learning and improving yourself every day is truly the only security you have. The more courses in The University of Life you graduate from, the more resources you have to increase your resiliency, awareness, understanding, and the craving to learn even more.

6. The Law of Simplicity

When a human life gets a major hit, the humbling lessons start immediately.
Instinctively, we right away go back to the basics. Aim for establishing “Simplicity Rules” beforehand in your life as a prevention/protection against extremely taxing, easily avoidable times.

7. The Law of Change

There may be periods when you feel “stressfully stuck” and see virtually no way of bringing about the solution you need. There are two vital steps you can experiment with.
Step 1: Start quieting your daily life, begin to quiet your mind – learn to use meditation and breathing, go for a walk in solitude;
Step 2: Ask questions of your inner mind that knows the answers.
With practice, amazing solutions and changes appear like magic!

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