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Syrian People Are Friendly

Syria is bounded by the Mediterranean and Lebanon on the west, by Israel and Jordan on the south, by Iraq on the east and by Turkey on the north. The frontier between Syria and Turkey was settled by the Franco Turkish agreement of 22 June 1929.

It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Syrian people are friendly and peaceful.

Through Syria and left antiquities dating back to hundred thousand years ago. Syria was the source of religions known in the area in the ancient times. It is also the origin of monotheistic religions spread all over the world today.

The population of Syria is 16,137,899, giving the country an overall population density of 87 persons per sq km. It is populated chiefly by Arabs, who constitute about 90 percent of the population. The largest non Arab minorities are Kurds, most of whom are pastoral people concentrated along the Turkish border, and Armenians, who dwell chiefly in the larger cities. The Syrian Desert is the most sparsely populated part of Syria. The most densely settled area of the country is in the west

Syria crowned all these achievements by offering the world the gift of alphabet which became the origin of many alphabets in the world. Syrian man was also the first to put principles of trade, the first to make geographical discoveries , the first to write epics and passionate poetry , and to classify libraries and had files and archives along a historical line that did not break down throughout time.

The earliest figuration of a singer, ever found in the world, was found here 5000 years ago. This figuration of singers and musical instruments continued afterwards in the following ages, Ornina the singer of Maris Temple is one example. Musical note was also known in this area for the first time in history about 3000 Years ago.

Syria has witnessed, during the last five years, a leading development rise in various fields, particularly in the tourist sector and the tourist industry which experienced a qualitive jump.

It has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Inland it gets progressively drier and more inhospitable, while on the coast things are friendlier, with average daily temperatures ranging from 31 in summer July to 10 in winter January. In the steppes area, where most of the cities are, expect temperatures to be a couple of degrees warmer. The desert can clock up temperatures of up to 46. The end of summer can sometimes bring baking winds from the easts, which are best avoided. Syria doesnt get a whole lot of rain, but what it does get falls mainly on the coast in the months between November and April.

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