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Taiwan is a Multi Island

Taiwan, known for short as Tai, is situated at Chinas southeast sea waters.

Taiwan Island faces the Pacific to the east, approximately 2,800 kilometres from Guam. It borders Bashi Channel to the south and is 300 kilometres away from the Philippine Islands, to its west is Taiwan Strait, facing Fujian Province on Chinas mainland. The width of the strait is less than 200 kilometres and the narrowest part is only 130 kilometers, it traverses the sea trough of Okinawa in the northeast and neighbours Ryukyu gunto.

It holds a strategic point of communication on the north south sea of China and the communications hub of West Pacific shipping line and constitutes the natural barrier of Chinas south east sea waters and the communication pivot of contacts among countries in the Pacific region.

Taiwan is a multi island. The Taiwan Island proper and its scattering islands, such as Hongtou Isle, Huoshao Isle, Guishan Isle altogether 14 isles attach to it. The Penghus made up of 64 islands. In addition, The Diaoyu Islands which are composed of 8 islands and some other isles. All in all Taiwan has more than 100 islands big and small. Taiwans land area is 36 thousand square kilometres, among which the area of Taiwan proper is over 35 thousand square kilometres, occupying more than 97 percent of the Taiwans total area. It is Chinas biggest island and ranks the 28th of the world islands.

Taiwan belongs to the tropical and subtropical zones, with the Tropic of Cancer running through its middle. However, being surrounded by seas in all sides, Taiwan is embraced by the Pacific Ocean. The majority of Taiwan region falls in the temperate and humid maritime climate zone. As is influenced by the maritime monsoon, Taiwan has neither severe winter nor has it intense heat of summer. The forests remain verdant luxuriantly green and the flowers blossom in all seasons. Taiwan is also characterized by abundant rainfall and violent typhoon.

Taiwan is rich in more than 110 kinds of minerals with coal, petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver copper and sulphur as its main resources. It is also extremely rich in terrestrial heat, a great variety of plants and the forest vegetation occupies 52 percent of the land area of the whole island, capturing the first place in all China. It is rich in aquatic resources too and the output of Taiwans coral occupies about 80 percent of the world total production, winning the fame of The Kingdom of Coral.

Taiwan is also one of the main regions which exports butterflies in the world.

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