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Taking Your First Step To Quit Smoking For Good

Everyone is encouraging you to quit smoking for good. You’ve probably thought over the problem and wondered if you could do it, but shoved the thought aside in the end. You’re not ready, you think. Maybe you’re thinking it’s too late for you, that you’re already hooked.

Maybe you’re scared that you’ll fail, so you’re telling yourself there’s no point in trying. Those thoughts are already a clue that it’s time to stop smoking now, if only to prove to yourself that you really are that strong and can kick the habit.

Make no mistake: you will have to be strong to quit smoking. Stopping a habit is difficult, and one that comes with cravings is even harder to kick. But if so many people have stopped smoking for good, there really isn’t any reason to think you can’t stop smoking too. In fact, here is plenty of support, help for ways to stop smoking, as well as quit smoking aids available to make quitting easier than ever.

Before you decide to quit, sit down and write a list of all the reasons to stop smoking now. Think of everything you can: your health, financial aspects, odor and smells, house damage, risks for your children or friends. No reason is too small. Now, write down all the reasons you should continue to smoke. The lists probably don’t even come close to evening out, do they?

The list of reasons to quit smoking should be something you carry everywhere for a while. The point is to remind yourself why you should stop smoking and have that list on hand to read each time you smoke.

You’re eventually going to turn your internal dialogue messages into ones that discourage you from continuing to smoke, which is great.

Pick a quit date. Make sure it’s a date well in the future and one that isn’t going to have other stressors going on at that time. Your quit date will be the day you stop smoking for good.

Plan for it, prepare yourself for it and tell everyone about it. Quitting smoking starts a long, long time before you actually have your last cigarette.

Withdrawal symptoms are the worst part about trying to quit smoking. When you try to quit smoking, you might mentally think that you need the nicotine contained in the cigarettes.

Oftentimes, however, you can trick your brain into forgetting about those craving by drinking a glass of water or doing something else that will take your mind off it.

Your doctor can give you some medical advice on ways to quit smoking, too. You can choose one or more aids because it’s proven that quitting cold turkey doesn’t have successful results. Many people use patches, hypnotism, laser treatment, and other ways to quit smoking.

There really is no reason to be a martyr and put yourself through the hardest times possible. Accept help from your doctor, listen to advice about coping with cravings and make the process easier.

Mike Selvon’s quit smoking portal has some more useful information about how to quit smoking for good. Visit his web site and leave a comment at his quit smoking blog.