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Teeth Whitening – Can Home Remedies Be The Answer?

In fact, it’s possible that you might incur no real costs at all in whitening your teeth, because of the home remedies for teeth whitening readily available to you right now.

This way, the biggest challenge you are going to have to face is the rinsing out of the funny taste that you might have when you’ve finished.

It can be as simple as that, because teeth whitening is a small and simple procedure that can make a very big difference to you, in the right way.

Many people complain about less than stunning white teeth. For some, it m ight be the products that pass through their mouths. Key culprits here are cigarette smoke and/or drinks like tea and coffee especially when strong or in excess.

For others the fading and discoloration of teeth can be caused by over exposure to fluoride, aging, nerve damage and even some antibiotics (thankfully rarely used nowadays).

You may be one of those who’d like to brighten their smile, but do not wish to cough up the hundreds of dollars at the dentist’s office.

Of course, there are some teeth whitening treatments that can be bought at your local pharmacy or supermarket for far less that the professionals charge.

If the idea of using tricky chemicals on your teeth puts you off, there are alternatives. Many people just use home remedies for teeth whitening, often proving to be just what the doctor did not need to order and still giving useful results.

Some Ideas To Try At Home

Whilst some ideas might come out of a fairy story and be founded on urban myth and folklore, there are some real possibilities that you might care to try out. It’s important to say here that these will work with varying degrees of success with different people.

You would be wise to try anything with caution and test out small inconspicuous areas first, just to be on the safe side.

Remember, whatever you try is at your own risk, not ours – these are possibilities that have been tried down the ages and are not based on clear scientific fact, nor are there any guarantees!

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is probably the most common and popular natural lightening agent. It can be combined with lemon juice, baking soda, baking powder, or almost a dozen other ingredients.

Different home remedies for teeth whitening you might come across will call for different amounts of peroxide. And be careful to precisely check the strength of hydrogen peroxide is appropriate for this use. ‘Google’ it and see what you can find out.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice by itself may not be the best home remedy for teeth whitening as the acidity can weaken teeth. In fact, you can taste the acidity so clearly that it will come as no surprise that it is acidic!

3. Strawberries

Oddly enough, strawberries fall into the same acidic category as lemon juice. They are both natural whiteners. How to use? Well, simply rub them directly on your teeth or mash into a paste and apply.

4. Wood Ash

Wood ash is known for being a natural bleaching additive, but too much usage can erode the enamel of your teeth gradually. Typically, even wood ash has a bitter taste,not dissimilar to lemon juice as well as the vinegars

5. Vinegar

Apple cider and white vinegar are also used in a few home remedy recipes for teeth whitening.

So, you see, there is a whole range of possibility just sitting around your place. Home remedies for teeth whitening are out there and are as cheap as it gets.

Just ensure that you please seek the right advice before you start experimenting, or you could end up wishing that you’d waited and spent a bit more to do it properly.

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