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Ten Tips For Weight Loss Success

Here’s ten simple steps to help you get rid of that excess weigh with ease:

Tip 1 : Empty Calories

Many of the fizzy drinks that you buy such as sodas are full of empty calories that do you absolutely no good – even the diet ones have empty calories. Cut back on these and drink water instead (not fizzy artificial water) and you will benefit from the many good effects of drinking lots of water too.

Tip 2 : Avoid Aspartame

Many diet products have an artificial sweetener in them called Aspartame instead of sugar. The idea is that this reduces the calories in the product. Unfortunately, Aspartame is not very good for you. Firstly, it’s a neuro-toxin, that is, it kills brain cells, and secondly it makes you crave carbs. So by taking a product with Aspartame in it you are actually going to crave more food!

Tip 3 : Avoid Frying

Fried foods are full of fat which really don’t help your weight loss program. If you grill, boil or bake food instead then it will be much healthier for you.

Tip 4 : Use Mustard

By putting something such as mustard or horse radish sauce on your food it will heat up your body. This heating up of your body is actually your metabolism speeding up, so therefore by putting these hot sauces on your food you are helping yourself to burn more calories.

Tip 5 : Avoid Junk Food

It’s very easy to snack on junk food – it’s convenient and tempting, which is the point! To avoid this temptation, carry around with you some healthy snacks such as nuts or fruit. You are often tempted by unhealthy food because it is easier to get to that healthy food. If you have something healthy to eat with you then it is easier and more convenient that the junk food!

Tip 6 : Never Shop on an Empty Stomach

If you go shopping on an empty stomach then it is much more tempting to buy junk food and food you don’t really want. Always make sure you have eaten before you shop as you are more likely to buy healthy food.

Tip 7 : Keep Your Home Junk Food Free

If you keep your house free from junk food then you are less likely to give in to cravings and eat unhealthy food. Oftentimes you get these cravings but it is too much effort to get out and buy the junk food, so if you don’t have it in the house you’ll avoid it!

Tip 8 : Eat Breakfast

If you are busy it is very tempting to skip breakfast. Unfortunately it is probably the most important meal of the day and if you skip it then you may end up feeling lethargic. You will also be more tempted for a quick calorie boost from junk food if you miss this meal.

Tip 9 : Eat Before 8pm

If you eat too late at night then the food doesn’t digest properly and sits in your stomach. By making sure you don’t eat after 8pm you will allow your body the chance to properly digest your food and sleep much better too!

Tip 10 : Buy Smaller Plates

When you diet, you often cut down your food portion size. Unfortunately, if you continue to use the same sized plates then psychologically you feel bad because the plate isn’t full – particularly if you are eating with someone who has a full plate. A smaller plate will help you to feel more comfortable with the smaller portion, and hence less calories.

These ten tips will help you get rid of that excess weight quickly and easily and enjoy the process!

Patricia has been interested in weight loss since the early 70’s and knows how to seperate weight loss hype from weight loss fact. Discover the Weight Loss Facts at