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The #1 Tip to Prevent Divorce, Save $20,000 and Stay Happily Married Forever!

Divorce is not the only solution to a less-than-perfect marriage, and like many things in life, it is much easier to prevent divorce than to deal with it afterward. Break things down in your head, and suddenly, everything becomes simple enough to act the way you need to, with minimal sacrifice, and you get just about everything you want, too! These little changes are all it takes to prevent divorce and best of all: be happy with the one you love, for the rest of your life!

For a moment, compare your marriage to a job. (Not too hard, right?) Well, pretend someone offered you a job that only pays half of what you’re making now, and it’s farther away than your current one. However, there’s a catch. For every day you work, they add five dollars to your residual monthly income.

This means that after working there for only one week at full time, you’ll be making $200 every month without even working for it! So after six months, you’ll be pulling in $4,800 every month, and not have to work a single minute for it!

The first question is, would you be willing to make the simple sacrifices now to enjoy the life you’ve always wanted later? Question #2 is how long would you work? If you were to go to work every week for a couple hours, you’d stay in practice, and keep adding to the benefits for life! This would be an ideal job, and you’d be crazy not to take it. But, as strange an analogy as it is, this parallels perfectly to relationships. To prevent divorce really is this easy.

After you have made the simple sacrifices for a while, you become used to it, but best of all: you start to actually like it. You actually enjoy the look on their face and the way they treat you when you do those little things, and it gets easier and easier! You’ll quickly find yourself doing things you never thought you’d do, just because you want them to be happy, and that makes you happy. That’s what marriage is all about.

So don’t just look at this as a way to prevent divorce, look at it as a way to improve your life for good. Not only will you save money (the average divorce costs about $20,000 these days), time and effort (yes, it’s typically harder on you to go through with the divorce, than to simply fix the little problems pushing you to the edge), but you will rest easy knowing that you are happy because you are keeping your spouse happy. There’s honestly no better feeling in the world.

All it takes to prevent divorce, in the vast majority of cases, is to simply find the best balance for you and your partner of “give and take”. Convince yourself that it’s perfectly fine to get nothing in return for what you do, and hold nothing back. Be honest, care about how they feel. Try your hardest to see from their perspective, and ask them what they want. Keep an open relationship, too.

While it’s great to give more than take, make sure they feel the same way. After enough time of pushing through, they will have no reason to treat you wrong, and you will reap the rewards for life! All the while, don’t let them walk all over you and take advantage of your kindness by staying honest about how you feel as well.

It really is that simple. You deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, and no matter how hard it gets, realize that someone out there has dealt with something worse. Remove yourself from the situation, think about the big picture, and make the little sacrifices now to prevent divorce and stay happily married forever!

Kyle writes on many self-improvement and life issues, including preventing divorce.

The average divorce costs $20,000! Wouldn’t you rather take a wonderful vacation with your spouse, and be happy? Save your marriage today, and get your life back, without spending $1,000’s on marriage counseling.

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