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The Advantages of Learning Dutch

Dutch is a language which is spoken by an estimated sixteen million citizens of Denmark and six million citizens of Flanders. The language is also used by people in some regions of various European countries. Among the other languages of the European Union, Dutch ranks as the sixth among the widely spoken languages. When you learn the language, you will be able to understand the dialect of the people if you were to visit countries in Europe like Belgium or Netherlands.

Why Should You Learn Dutch?

Like any other foreign languages, there are several reasons why a person should learn it. The following reasons are just some:
– Useful for work – it is inevitable for a company to have clients with diverse nationalities, and a Dutch may be one of them. In order for you to communicate clearly with your Dutch client, it would be nice for you to learn the language.
– Makes you enjoy traveling more – if you want to go to Denmark or Belgium, you can certainly use the language to know more about the traditions, history and culture of these countries.
– Enrich your roots – if your parents are Dutch but you are born in the United States, learning your parents’ language is the great way to enrich your origin. Additionally, it won’t be that hard for you to communicate with your relatives who are living in Europe.
– For further education – if you want to study in a European country like the Netherlands, learning Dutch will be a very big help to you.

The Similarity of the Dutch with American English

A lot of people who have ventured into learning the Dutch language thought that it would be very complicated. On their first day of class, they may have been intimidated with the idea of speaking this language. However, after a few days of learning it, they will find that there are a lot of similarities between Dutch and American English.

Learning the Language in a Traditional School

Despite limited schools offering the language, there are still universities which teach Dutch. When you learn to write, speak and read the language in a formal school, a teacher will guide you personally throughout the course of the program. If you have difficulty with your lessons, your instructor will see to it that you are guided well. If you study in a formal setting, you will be able to interact with your classmates using Dutch.

Learning Dutch over the Internet

Aside from learning Dutch in a formal school, you can also learn it online. Some sites over the net offer Dutch lessons for different levels of learners. You will learn the lessons with the help of multimedia files. To keep track of your progress, you will be given examinations and tests. The program is offered in a beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level. Through these levels, you will be able to enhance your skill of speaking another language in a systematic and schedule manner. This is especially helpful for those who are currently employed or studying.

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