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The Art of Concentrating by Means of Practical Psychic Exercises (Part 2)

When you focus your thought, you increase its strength. The

exercises that follow are tedious and monotonous, but useful. If

you will persist in them you will find they are very valuable, as

they increase your powers of Psychic – Concentration.

Before proceeding with the exercises I will answer a question

that just comes to me. This person says after he works all day he

is too tired to practice any exercise. But this is not true. We

will say he comes home all tired out, eats his supper and sits

down to rest. If his work has been mental, the thought which has

been occupying his mind returns to him and this prevents him from

securing the rest he needs.

It is an admitted fact that certain thoughts call into operation

a certain set of brain cells; the other cells, of course, are not

busy at that time and are rested. Now if you take up something

that is just different from what you have been doing during the

day, you will use the cells that have not done anything and give

those that have had work to do a rest. So you should regulate the

evenings that you have and call forth an entirely different line

of thought so as not to use the cells which you have tired out

during the day. If you will center your attention on a new

thought, you relieve the old cells from vibrating with excitement

and they get their needed rest. The other cells that have been

idle all day want to work, and you will find you can enjoy your

evenings while securing needed rest.

When once you have learned to master your thoughts, you will be

able to change them just as easily as you change your clothes.

Remember, the real requisite of centering is to be able to shut

out outside thoughts–anything foreign to the subject. Now, in

order to control your intention first gain control over the body.

This must be brought under direct control of the mind; the mind

under the control of the will. Your will is strong enough to do

anything you wish, but you must realize that it is. The mind can

be greatly strengthened by being brought under the direct

influence of the will. When the mind is properly strengthened by

the impulse of the will it becomes a more powerful transmitter of

thought, because it has more force.

The Best Time to Concentrate Is after reading something that is

inspiring, as you are then mentally and spiritually exalted in

the desired realm. Then is the time you are ready for deep

Psychic – Concentration. If you are in your room first see that your

windows are up and the air is good. Lie down flat on your bed

without a pillow. See that every muscle is relaxed. Now breathe

slowly, filling the lungs comfortably full of fresh air; hold

this as long as you can without straining yourself; then exhale

slowly. Exhale in an easy, rhythmic way. Breathe this way for

five minutes, letting the Divine Breath flow through you, which

will cleanse and rejuvenate every cell of brain and body.

You are then ready to proceed. Now think how quiet and relaxed

you are. You can become enthusiastic over your condition. Just

think of yourself as getting ready to receive knowledge that is

far greater than you have ever received before. Now relax and let

the spirit work in and through you and assist you to accomplish

what you wish.

Don’t let any doubts or fears enter. Just feel that what you wish

is going to manifest. Just feel it already has, in reality it

has, for just the minute you wish a thing to be done it manifests

in the thought world. Whenever you concentrate just believe it is

a success. Keep up this feeling and allow nothing to interfere

and you will soon find you have become the master of

Psychic – Concentration. You will find that this practice will be of

wonderful value to you, and that rapidly you will be learning to

accomplish anything that you undertake. Brings You Psychic Training for Real People.
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