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The Best Baby Shower Gift

When you go to a baby shower you want to make sure that you get the best baby shower gift that you can find. But it is not always easy to get ideas, especially if you do not have a baby and do not what is best. But it is not hard and there are some really good ideas that the parents to be are always happy to see. Getting the baby to sleep can be a problem, but you can get some really nice animal toys that also mimic the sound of the mothers heartbeat that are good for getting them to sleep. And for course you can never have too many teddy bears, so if you cannot think of anything else then that is always a good thing to buy.

Baby socks and rompers are always useful to the new mother, but do not just buy the first ones that you see in the store. Get the clerk to help you find some really nice ones. The parents will really appreciate it if they can see that you have tried to find something that is a bit special. Also nice blankets and sweater and hat sets go down well especially if the weather is cold when the baby is born. It is always nice to buy a mobile as even if they get more than one it can be a good thing, as it means that they can change it every so often so that there is always something for the baby to see.

Of course not all of the presents have to be sensible. But even the best baby shower gift can be practical as well as fun. For instance you can get some dad’s diaper changing aprons with a fun motif that will both amuse and make sure that the dad knows that it is not just the mum’s job. There are also some really funny tee shirts around for new parents that could make the baby shower even more fun.

There are also things like grow charts and mementos that are not so practical, but will last and the parents usually appreciate. You can even do simple things such as making a box containing all of the practical things that a new mother might need for the journey home. There are some great present ideas around and with a little thought, you can have the best baby shower gift for your friends for when their new baby arrives as well.

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