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The Kama Sutra – The Ideology Of The Kama Sutra

When we think of the Kama Sutra, we automatically start to think of different sexual positions, commonly seen in books on tantra, but is that all this ancient script is about or is there more than meets the eye with this commonly mistaken text?

A Whole Relationship Guide

Now this text was not just designed as a guide to better sex, but as a way to bring two people together closer than ever before. The ideology behind The Kama Sutra, best describes some of the modern teachings about how to increase the amount of love and connection between you and your partner.

The teachings of sexual intercourse comprise just a small fraction of the teachings in this book. It was first written as a way to bring two people from an arranged marriage together so they could connect with one another, mainly to make life easier on the rest of the family.

The Pleasurable Side Of The Kama Sutra

Now I’m not going to stand here and say that sex is not a big part of the this book, because it is and several of the techniques have been used very successfully to increase the level of love and connections in relationships. So what are some of the best positions to put into practice?

The Embrace Of The Thighs

Sounds kinda kinky doesn’t it? This is where one of the lovers pushes hard on one or both of the thighs of the lover between his or her own thighs. Of course you may have already come across this position before in the bedroom. This particular position is one of four ’embracing’ positions outlined in the Kama Sutra and is used to create a tighter grasp around the woman’s vagina.

Lying Down Kama Sutra Positions

Another group of positions are the lying down positions, which include: the widely opened position, the yawning position and the position of the wife of Indrani.

The first position requires the female to arch her back and lower her head. The second requires the woman to raise her thighs and the third is when the woman places her thighs with her legs doubled on them upon her sides.

Of course this is just a fraction of the number of sexual positions outlined in The Kama Sutra and it would take many years to perfect them all, so you better get started if you want to get through all of them in your lifetime!

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