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The Mental Game of Golf

Playing golf requires a lot of skill and endurance, as well as a mental attitude to the game that can separate a successful round of golf from a nightmare.

The player needs to clearly think through each and every shot, without becoming stressed or distracted. You must create the right mental attitude before you go out to play five-hour round of golf.

It is important to keep the mind clear and focused.
and to remember is that each shot must stand on its own. There is nothing you can do about the last bad shot that you hit, so don’t dwell on it.

Conversely, you can not think too many shots, or holes, ahead. You must play with the mindset that the most important shot of your entire round is the one you are preparing to hit.

Do not dwell on bad shots, but admit that these were your mistakes. Bad breaks can arise that are outside of your control, but don’t get upset if a ball bounces off a tree, just accept that a good shot on your part would not have hit the tree in the first place.

There is no point in getting stressed and angry with yourself – or your equipment. Just accept what has happened and prepare to hit your next shot.
When you have hit a bad shot, you should spend the time walking or riding to your next shot thinking about what caused you did to hit the shot poorly in the first place.

Once you have analyzed your mistake, make a mental note of it, so you willnot make the same mistake again in the future. Throughout the course of a round of golf, a golfer should also make mental notes of mistakes and aspects that he can work on at the practice range in between rounds of play.

The most important thing is to take pleasure from the game. A day at the golf course is a long one, there is plenty that can go wrong from the very first tee box, but stay focused on why you are there and to enjoy the day and play a game.

It is a fun game to play, and even more fun when you are playing the game well, so remember to put in the hours of practice required to improve your game.

If you have not taken the appropriate measures to prepare yourself for success, then you should lower your expectations of your performance, and play just to enjoy the day with good company.

Irene Forde is a writer and publisher.
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