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The Perfect Golf Vacation Awaits on Prince Edward Island

There’s no feeling that beats hitting a perfect shot. Except hitting a perfect shot against the perfect backdrop. Prince Edward Island’s natural scenery has made for some of North America’s most beautiful golf courses. And with more than 25 of them, it is the perfect place for a golf vacation.

The quality of golf on the island is completely dependent on the player behind the club. There is no shortage of available opportunities ranging from the club on the edge of town, to the five-star resort that attracts some of the biggest names in the golf world. And it’s not limited to the players. Some of the most renowned golf architects have designed courses on the island, offering breathtaking vistas that are challenge enough for any golf enthusiast.

Among the storied names there is of course, Mike Weir who debuted at the 1998 Canadian Skins Game and who will make his Prince Edward Island return again this summer. For women golfers, Lorie Kane and four-time Player of the Year, Nancy Lopez played Prince Edward Island’s Brudenell River during Canada’s first-ever women’s skins game. As for designers, Stanley Thompson, Les Furber, Rob Heaslip and Robbie Robinson have each left their mark on the Island.

The makings of the perfect golf vacation include, of course, great golf courses, but also everything that goes with it. That includes accommodations, sights, sounds, cuisine, and perhaps a little downtime at a local PEI spa.

The sights can be seen both on and off the golf course and include the sapphire blue of the ocean water, beach sands in shades of white, champagne pink and red, and mile-high sand dunes teeming with shore life and ecosystem that includes the endangered Piping Plover..

Inland this gentle island is as much renowned for its pastoral landscapes and nature trails as it is for its farmlands and PEI potatoes. And though the Island measures less than 500 miles from tip to tip, it is the perfect spot for a golf vacation, with numerous courses catering to both the seasoned pro and recreational player.

When touring Prince Edward Island on your golf vacation, you will see miles of lush rolling farmlands and coastlines dotted with fishing harbours. So it may not come as a surprise to discover that we’re well-known for our food.

Prince Edward Island is home to Malpeque oysters, cultured blue mussels and our world-famous PEI potatoes. And you haven’t experienced taste or Island hospitality until you’ve gone to a lobster supper in a church hall on a hot summer’s night. There’s also no shortage of renowned restaurants featuring an array of Island delicacies.

There is much to do on a golf vacation on this gentle island. So much, in fact, you’ll want to come back time and time again.

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