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The Power of Moon sign astrology

Moon Sign Astrology

Majority of the people have a greater knowledge on sun signs. The sun signs are the Zodiac signs we have monthly and this is what we generally look for in the daily horoscope. However most of the people yet don’t know what are moon signs. Our moon signs is what makes us more unique as compared to people with the same sun sign as ours. For example, there are two Gemini people but they are still completely different, this can be attributed to their moon signs. And astrologers think that the moon sign give a deeper description of what the individual is truly like.

Well, it is not that surprising to hear a moon sign since the moon has a history for the mystic. The Romans and the Chinese used it. In present day, some scientist examine the moon for its influence on the tides.

As our sun sign is determined through the sun’s position when we were born, the moon sign is also based on the moon’s position when we were born. A short information of the difference of the sun and moon sign is that the sun sign is how people notuce you whereas the moon sign is how you see yourself. Astrologers also believe that the moon sign is more important than our sun signs since it is more personal and in depth.

Moon signs reveal the inner self. A well-known astrologer, Evangeline Adams, has claimed that the moon sign reveals our personality whereas the sun sign reveals our individuality. The moon sign is then depicting the comatose part of you whereas the sun reveals the alert. The information about you in moon sign will be obvious in your dreams, which means the period of your unconsciousness state in sleep . You will also notice that the moon sign is more in lien with emotions and relationship around you. The revolving period of moon is 29 days, thus we must refer to our accurate birth date for our moon sign.

So, how will we recognize our moon sign? There are many astrology charts in the Internet that can help you with this. They will only ask for the year you were born. After this, a chart will be shown with the different dates in that year with corresponding symbols. Sometimes, your perfect date of birth is not there because the moon dint change on that day, you will now refer to the last change that means the day prior to your birth if its in the chart. Once you have found that date, click on it and a description of you will come out. When you read through this, you will instantly see how deeper this is as compared to your sun sign details. It will also talk about your relationships and what your personality is. You will at times be in awe of how accurate the description is, how close it is to the original you. Along with your personality, it will give you an information regarding your behavior with people, your lifestyle, your artistic interest etc. Just go on reading so that you can know more about yourself.

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