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The Pros and Cons of Online Dating Service

Online Dating Service is one way to find love or a partner in life. It is a community where people from different places meet online and get the chance to communicate with each other. This is a convenient way for you to get to know a person whom you might be interested with.

You can easily find an online dating service that suits your needs. Some of the popular dating services are Yahoo Personals,, eHarmony, Perfect Match, American Singles, Lavalife, and FriendFinder. Each site offers unique services for you to meet other people all over the world and establish good relationship with them. From there, you may find a prospect partner in life.

If you plan to join an online dating service, it is important that you are aware its advantages and disadvantages. Below are things you have to consider before engaging into online dating.

The Advantages of Participating in Online Dating Service (PROS)

Convenient, Fast and Easy

Internet is a convenient place for you to get in touch with another person. If you want to show your interest with someone, you can just email them or chat with them if they are online. This saves your more time unlike those old days wherein your need to send snail mail to your penpals.

Also, you can easily get information about a person through the online dating service. You can investigate more about the person before you actually meet them face to face. If you found out that you have differences and you just don’t agree on many things, then you can easily break the connection between the two of you.


Everybody has internet nowadays because it has been part of our basic needs. So if you have an internet connection then getting an online dating service is a cheap way to meet a love one or a prospect partner in life. Many companies provide free services for online dating. Thus, you can save a lot of money compared to really dating a person during the get-to-know stage. Instead of buying cards, you can send him/her an ecard or simply send a note via email. And you can just have chit-chat all day instead of going out on a restaurant and spending a couple of dollars.


Most online dating services incorporate safety and security in their service agreement. This means that the identifiable information you can give about yourself is controllable or limited.

The Disadvantages of Online Dating (CONS)


Some people may not provide accurate information about themselves and some may even break their promises. They are not afraid that you can get back on them because they can easily change their contact information or identity on the internet.


The love or any feeling you have towards a person maybe unreal because you haven’t really met the person. You may have a good relationship online but when you meet face to face, there is a possibility that the chemistry is not there. This will be one of the risks because you have to distinguish fantasy from reality. Since the process is usually fast, intimacy may not be felt or may not last that long.


While it has been discussed that participating in an online dating service is safe, there is also an accompanying risk when it comes to meeting people you really do not know. Some may even harass or harm you once you put your trust on them. This can even be traumatic to others.

Remember to take extra care when looking for the appropriate online dating service that can cater your needs. Then, accompany your search with good common sense and judgment to minimize the risk involved when participating in online dating service. This way you can have a safe, fun and enjoyable online relationship.

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