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The Smartest Goal Setting Techniques

When setting a goal for yourself for anything, you have to do it in a smartest possible manner. Simply put, the SMARTEST goal setting technique will be the one where your goals are- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, Engaging, Shifting, and containing Team Effort.

Specific- For a goal to be accomplished, it needs to be specific. Vague goals are difficult to attain, as you will never be sure about what is it that you actually want to achieve. Such goals should specifically answer questions like who, what, where, when, related to the goal. So instead of stating, I need to lose weight, it should be more specific like, I am going to lose 10 lbs.

Measurable- Your goal should be measurable, so that you realize where you are going, and how much further you need to strive. Measurable goals are easy to accomplish, and you actually know when you have accomplished them. This will helps you to stay on track and also gives you the thrill of being successful, on attaining the goals that you have set for yourself.

Attainable- The way to attain goals is to realize that they are important to you. You then start figuring out ways to achieve them, as they are close to your heart, and you really believe in them. You have to look for opportunities, that might have been otherwise overlooked and use those to achieve your goals.

Realistic- We all set goals about things that we dont have yet, but hope to achieve. Unrealistic goals and unfeasible goals provide nothing but dissatisfaction as you will not be able to achieve them, and this can also act as a de-motivating factor. The only person who can determine whether a goal is realistic is yourself and hence, you need to choose your goals wisely.

Timely- For a goal to be realized, you need to have a particular time frame. Without a timeframe, you begin to lose track of its importance its importance. As a result, you start losing interest in the goals that you have set for yourself, and may not achieve them at all!

Engaging- Your goals should be engaging so that you keep working continuously to achieve them. A passive goal is likely to be disregarded in time. A goal should be stimulating and challenging enough, and should be able to rouse you from your slumber, so that you begin working towards it.

Shifting- It is very rightly said that, The only thing constant in this world is change. This can be observed all around you; nothing remains static. Everything, from human presence to nature is continuously undergoing change, and so are your goals, especially the long term ones, which are bound to shift a bit over a period of time.

Team Effort- Goals are best realized with team effort. You can enlist the help of your family and friends to attain your goals. Human beings are social animals, and we essentially work as a team, to emerge victorious and powerful and superior.

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